Western Connecticut State University Housing and Nearby Apartments

Given the prevalence of both part-time students and Danbury locals, it's no surprise that Western Connecticut State University is primarily a commuters' school. That said, there are still about a quarter of all undergraduate students who seek out Western on-campus housing each year, The three residence halls on the Midtown campus are generally reserved for freshman, providing traditional dormitory accommodations as well as the expected amenities like laundry facilities, game rooms, study lounges, and wireless internet. Western on-campus housing on the West Side skews towards the upper-class students, offering suite- and apartment-style residences, which, while semi-furnished and college-maintained, do require undergraduates to exercise their independent-living muscles, so to speak. But if you are one of the thousands of undergraduate and graduate students needing Western off-campus housing, may we suggest that you start your search for a home right here on Urban Edge. We feature a constantly updated list of Danbury (and beyond) rental apartments.

About Western Connecticut State University

For well over a century now, Western Connecticut State University has made its home in the city of Danbury, located in Fairfield County and the state's seventh most populous metropolis. Founded in 1903 on White Street near the downtown area of Danbury (and where the school's Midtown campus still resides today), Western Connecticut State University--or, just "Western"--began life strictly as a teacher's college called Danbury Normal School. There have been several name changes over the decades as the institution has continuously expanded in size and broadened its academic focus to include both additional areas of study (though there still is a strong School of Education here) as well as offering advanced degrees, all of which has resulted in its current status as a University, conferred upon the school in 1983. One of the biggest results of Western's growth and expansion has been the addition of a second campus in the 1970s, after the school purchased a 439-acre piece of land on Danbury's West Side. Located about three miles away from the original Midtown campus--a free shuttle bus runs continuously between the two campuses throughout the day--West Side is where you'll find Western's Ancell School of Business, all of the university's athletic facilities, three residence halls, a nature center and amphitheater, and the new West Side Campus Center, which functions as a general student center as well as providing meeting and banquet space for school functions. Meanwhile, over at the 34-acre MIdtown campus near Danbury's Main Street Historic District, is where you'll find Western's School of Arts and Sciences, School of Professional Studies, School of Visual and Performing Arts, almost all of the administration offices, a student center, and three residence halls as well. Western Connecticut State University is primarily a school of undergraduate students, numbering nearly 6,000 at the end of a recent year, a figure that includes a fair amount of part-timers. The vast majority of Western students, nearly 95% of the total, are from the state of Connecticut. The School of Arts and Sciences boasts the largest enrollment, though Western's Business and Professional Studies schools have more than 1,000 undergraduate students each. The most popular majors among undergraduates across all schools are Business, Management, and Marketing; the Health Professions; Education; Homeland Security, Law Enforcement, and Firefighting; and Psychology. There are currently around 500 graduate students pursuing Master's and Doctorate degrees at Western, as well as Post-Master's certificates. Scroll down for apartments near Western Connecticut State University