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    30 Waterside Plaza

    New York, NY 10010

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About Waterside Plaza

Completed in 1974, Waterside Plaza is a community of four residential towers overlooking the East River. Recognized as a model of urban design, the complex offers 1400 residential units, a health club, a large beautiful plaza, shopping, dining and parking. Today Waterside proudly claims to be one of the most cosmopolitan communities in the city, attracting residents from all over the country and the world. Many work or study at nearby locations such as the United Nations, 1st Avenue hospitals and medical schools, international schools, and other East Side organizations and institutions.

From its inception in 1974, Waterside was designed as a mixed-use residential complex that offered a sense of familiar community within the large city of Manhattan. The Waterside Plaza community includes professionals, academics, administrators, teachers, medical students, and a number of people who have come to New York from smaller cities and who enjoy the opportunity to get to know their neighbors.

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