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    650 Fifth Avenue

    28th Floor

    New York, NY 10019

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  • To contact TGM Associates about available apartments, please see the individual listings for phone and/or email information, as it may vary by building.

About TGM Associates

While TGM was organized in 1991, its roots go back to the mid-1970’s when the group that formed TGM first worked together. From then until now some $2.9 billion in equity has been invested and 58,000 apartment units have been purchased and managed.

TGM believes that multifamily investment requires hands-on management. Thus, acquisitions, property management, construction, property maintenance and dispositions are fully integrated.

Since 1991, TGM has invested over $1.8 billion in 117 multifamily residential properties throughout 28 states. Their current portfolio contains 50 properties in 23 states with over 13,000 units.

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