SUNY Stony Brook Housing and Nearby Apartments

The State University at Stony Brook has a vibrant residential community, with some 86% of freshman living in on-campus housing, and an impressive 60% of all undergraduates choosing to live in one of the school's 28 residence halls (read: dormitories), and 23 apartment-style buildings. Stony Brook graduate students can also apply for on-campus housing, as the university provides living space for more than 1,200 advanced degree candidates. The residential accommodations vary from residence hall to residence hall, but all Stony Brook on-campus housing features high-speed wireless internet and cable TV access, as well as kitchens, study lounges, game rooms, and laundry facilities. There are also computing centers and fitness centers available for students within each "quad", or housing complex. And for those students, whether undergraduate or graduate degree candidates, who choose to live in SUNY Stony Brook off-campus housing, the commuter population in general is a integral part of the community as a whole. Urban Edge can also help students and faculty find SUNY Stony Brook off-campus housing, with our extensive listings of Long Island rental apartments. For those of you who would prefer to commute to school via the Long Island Rail Road--it's about a 90 minute trip from Penn Station to the Stony Brook station during peak hours--you'll also find plenty of NYC rentals as well.

About SUNY Stony Brook

Though it was founded nearly 60 years ago in the town of Oyster Bay, on the North Shore of Long Island, that still makes the highly-regarded Stony Brook University the youngest member--out of 64 total, including research universities, academic medical colleges, liberal arts colleges and community colleges--of the State University of New York (SUNY) system. Stony Brook didn't stay in Oyster Bay for very long, however, relocating to its namesake hamlet, also in Suffolk County on Long Island, just five years later, in 1962. Today, after multiple expansions and capital improvements, Stony Brook ranks among the largest SUNY schools, with well over 20,000 students (more than 15,000 of which are undergraduates), spread out over nearly 1,500 acres of North Shore land. There are thirteen schools and colleges within Stony Brook, including the College of Engineering & Applied Sciences, the College of Arts & Sciences, the School of Journalism (the only undergraduate journalism school in the SUNY system), the College of Business, the School of Medicine, and the School of Marine & Atmospheric Sciences, among others. Undergraduates at Stony Brook can choose from 68 majors and 80 minors while pursuing their degrees, with the most popular fields of study being Biology, Psychology, Health Science, Business Management, Economics, Sociology, Computer Science, English, Political Science and Applied Mathematics & Statistics. As you can imagine, all of those schools, and all of those students, means that there's a small-city's-worth of buildings on the SUNY Stony Brook campus, more than 200 major academic, administrative, residential, and sports-related buildings in all. There are more than 300 student organizations at Stony Brook in which non-residents are welcome to participate, as well as over 30 fraternities and sororities. The Stony Brook Seawolves field 18 teams--nine men and nine women--which compete at the NCAA Division I level. And Stony Brook off-campus housing students also take full advantage of the weekly "Campus Life Time", which happens every Wednesday midday (no classes are scheduled) and usually includes things like free concerts, food tastings, and all manner of performances. Stony Brook also has an active Commuter Student Services and Off Campus Housing office, providing tips and information for finding a place to live, as well as commuter-specific events and activities. Scroll down for apartments near SUNY Stony Brook.