SUNY Old Westbury Housing and Nearby Apartments

SUNY Old Westbury is, in many respects, primarily a commuter school, with less than 25% of all students living in on-campus housing--a figure which includes those in "college-maintained" and "college-affiliated" buildings and homes in addition to traditional dormitories. Despite it's size, the residential community here is vibrant and active. Undergraduates seeking SUNY Old Westbury on-campus housing are placed primarily in one of two residence halls. There's the Woodlands Residence Halls, a complex of five separate three-story buildings unified by a series of courtyards, where all SUNY Old Westbury freshman are housed, as well as number of new and returning upper-class students. At Woodlands students enjoy satellite TV service, high-speed internet, communal study areas and social lounges, and laundry and kitchen facilities on each floor. The other on-campus housing option is in the Academic Village Residence Halls, which features suite- and apartment-style accommodations exclusively for upper-class students. In addition to residential amenities similar to those found at Woodlands, Academic Village also offers its residents private bathrooms. So although the school does its best to accommodate all of those wanting or needing on-campus housing, that still leaves more than 3,000 undergraduate and graduate students seeking off-campus housing every year. If you find yourself in this group, Urban Edge can help. On this website you will find a constantly updated list of Long Island rental apartments for all budgets and housing-size needs. In addition, many of the apartments listed are rented directly by the owners, which means no brokers fee to be paid--saving you money.

About SUNY Old Westbury

Though it's soon to be celebrating its 50th year on the North Shore of Long Island, SUNY Old Westbury is still one of the newer schools in the State University of New York system. Founded in 1965, with its first students arriving three years later at Planting Hills, a former estate and arboretum in Oyster Bay, SUNY Old Westbury moved to its namesake home, on yet another former estate (this one was named "Broad Hollow", and it belonged at one time to F. Ambrose Clark), in 1971. Today, SUNY Old Westbury is spread out over more than 600 acres in this Nassau County village, with additional property in the neighboring hamlet of Jericho, New York. Among other superlatives, SUNY Old Westbury lays claim to be the only public liberal arts college on Long Island. SUNY Old Westbury currently welcomes more than 4,400 students its campus every year, the vast majority of which--over 4,200 total--are undergraduates. SUNY Old Westbury students can pursue some 60 degrees in one of three schools: The School of Arts and Science, home to departments such as Media & Communications, Biological Sciences; English, History and Philosophy, Mathematics, Computer and Information Science, Economics and Law, Industrial and Labor Relations, Criminology, Visual Arts, and Psychology; the School of Business, where you'll find Accounting and Business Law, Finance and Business Economics, and the Management, Marketing and Information Systems Department; and the School of Education, accredited just recently, in 2006. Scroll down for apartments near SUNY Old Westbury.