Sarah Lawrence College Housing and Nearby Apartments

Given its bucolic setting--really, the pretty buildings, wooded, hilly campus, and comfortable lawns all conspire to give the place a secret enclave feeling--and strong sense of small-school community, it's no surprise that the majority of undergraduate students, more than 80%, live in some form of Sarah Lawrence College on-campus housing. There are the Tudor residence halls on the main campus, with suite-style residences intermingled with classrooms and faculty offices, per the school's foundational philosophy that there be "as little physical separation as possible between life and work, as the two were to be inexorably entwined" in college. In fact, some 21 first-year students live on the top floor of Westlands, the school's primary administration building. On-campus housing also includes a number of newer, usually smaller, residence halls with a variety of designs and living situations, from cooperative houses to more traditional dorms. And, as Sarah Lawrence has grown over the past few decades, the school has purchased ten single-family homes in the neighborhood within easy walking distance of the campus proper, all of which have been converted into college dorms, with students sharing a kitchen and living area. There are also opportunities for graduate students to live in on-campus or college-owned housing, usually with others in the same field of study. But even with all of these options, there is always a need for undergraduate, graduate, and Sarah Lawrence faculty off-campus housing. The Sarah Lawrence off-campus housing office is inordinately active with helping students find a place to live, whether with non-Sarah Lawrence roommates, in private apartments, or in area homes, where families will offer free housing in exchange for child care, a local tradition that stretches back into at least the 1960s. In the suburban neighborhoods of Westchester County; in particular the more affordable cities and towns of Tuckahoe, Yonkers, and Mount Vernon; and, of course, in New York City, which is only a quick Metro North train ride and easy walk away.

About Sarah Lawrence College

For nearly 100 years, Sarah Lawrence College has been providing its students with a unique educational experience that combines rigorous academic standards with a highly independent, individualized course of study--there's a marked emphasis on one-on-one student-faculty tutorials, an approach modeled after the Oxford/Cambridge system--as well as an environment that encourages personal expression and freedom. Located on 44 acres in the exceedingly pretty Lawrence Park West neighborhood of the city of Yonkers (think Tudor mansions, quiet, winding streets, majestic old trees) Sarah Lawrence College also offers an exceptionally bucolic setting for the nearly 1,700 undergraduate and graduate students who attend each year. Little wonder, then, that Sarah Lawrence is consistently ranked among the most popular and highly regarded small liberal arts colleges in the country. Undergraduate students at Sarah Lawrence don't pursue majors in the traditional sense. Instead, Bachelor of Arts candidates take a wide variety of courses in four separate areas, including Creative Arts (which includes subjects such as writing, film, and drawing); the Humanities (literature, philosophy, languages, and film studies, among others); History and the Social Sciences (including economics, anthropology, and politics); and Natural Sciences and Mathematics (biology, chemistry, math, computer science, etc.). Sarah Lawrence graduate students, of which there are nearly 350 each year, can earn a Masters Degree in programs such as the Art of Teaching, Women's History, Dance, Human Genetics, Theatre, Child Development, Writing, and Health Advocacy. Scroll down to see apartments near Sarah Lawrence College.