Sacred Heart University Housing and Nearby Apartments

Given the general quality of life in Fairfield, as well as the investment in and upgrades to all manner of school facilities, it should come as no surprise that more than 60% of undergraduate students--out of more than 4,200 total--choose to live in Sacred Heart on-campus housing, a figure that includes nearly 95% of incoming freshman. Sacred Heart on-campus housing is provided in ten residence halls, with all freshman provided either double- or triple-rooms in the centrally-located Seton Hall, Merton Hall, or Roncalli Hall. Sophomores enjoy the suite- and apartment-style designs of Scholars Commons, Christian Witness Commons, Pioneer Garden Apartments, and in Roncalli Hall as well. Finally, juniors and seniors are offered the opportunity to move into Sacred Heart off-campus housing, in the Oakwood Garden Apartments, the Parkridge Townhouses and Apartments, and Taft Commons, which are located from half a mile to around three miles away in Fairfield, but all three are owned and maintained by the university. But even with all of those accommodations, that still leaves thousands of undergraduate and graduate students needing Sacred Heart off-campus housing (the kind NOT owned by the school) every year. And that's where Urban Edge can help. Like most every real-estate site, Urban Edge offers you constantly updated listings of rental apartments.

About Sacred Heart University

For more than half a century now, Sacred Heart University has made its home in the lovely suburban town of Fairfield, Connecticut, located on the so-called Gold Coast along the Long island Sound. Founded in 1963, Sacred Heart University is the second largest Catholic university in all of New England (behind only the enormous Boston College), and it was the first such institution in all of the United States to be led and staffed by the laity. Sacred Heart does have several additional campuses, in nearby Trumbull, for example, and in Stamford and Griswold, both also in Connecticut, as well as a couple of far-flung locales, in Luxemborg and Dingle, Ireland. But the main campus of the institution, the 100-acre beauty in Fairfield, forms the core of the Sacred Heart experience. At Sacred Heart University these days, more than 7,750 undergraduate and graduate students can be found pursing their studies in more than 55 different programs, earning degrees on the associate, bachelor's master's and doctorate levels. There are five distinct schools within Sacred Heart University: the College of Arts & Sciences; the College of Health Professions; the Isabelle Farrington College of Education; the University College; and the John F. Welch College of Business, renamed as such in the mid-aughts (and soon-to-be expanded) after a large monetary gift from Jack Welch, the long-time CEO of General Electric. Other recent additions to Sacred Heart Fairfield campus include a new Student Commons--the Linda E. McMahon Commons, to be precise--with dining halls, student lounges, and meeting rooms; the Colonial-style Wellness Center, for all student health needs; and the revamp of the school's primary theater and performance venue, the Edgerton Center. Scroll down to view apartments near Sacred Heart University.