Rental Apartment Guide: How to Find a Place to Live

On any given day in most metro areas, there are literally thousands of apartments for rent, in all neighborhoods, in all sizes, for (almost) every budget. But in order to find YOUR dream home, you need the kind of proven preparation tips and excellent information only long-time real estate insiders can provide. The staff here at Urban Edge have been around the real estate game for a number of years, know the trends, and, most importantly, many of the tricks of the trade. Our experience includes working in on-site leasing offices, acting as licensed rental and sales agents, and creating marketing campaigns for a wide variety of landlords and buildings. Of course, we've been through the rental process ourselves as tenants--we feel your pain. Much, but not all, of our experience has been in the tough NYC market. As the saying goes, if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere. As we branch out into new areas, we make it a point to learn about the local markets, and how they operate. We then update our guides to reflect any new-found information and terminology.

Top 10 Rental Guides

1.) How to Apply for a Rental Apartment - Never rented before? We cover all the basics on what you should expect, right here. 2.) Questions to Ask/Things to Look For Before Signing a Lease - There are quite a few things to look for, that people often overlook, when deciding on the best rental apartment. Don't fall in love with a lemon! 3.) How to Negotiate Your Rent - Is it possible to get a lower rent than the one advertised? In certain cases: yes, absolutely. Here are some tips and tricks. 4.) Options for Renting an Apartment with Bad Credit - Let's face it... not everyone has great credit. Or maybe you're a student, or your parents are helping you with rent money. Everything you need to know is here. 5.) Finding a Roommate (Who's Not Psycho) - There are several things you should keep in mind when screening someone as a potential roommate. Both of you having a love of binge watching Netflix is generally not one of them. 6.) How To Rent or Buy With Pets / Pet-friendly Apartments - Lions and tigers and bears... welcome to the zoo. But if Fido or Fluffy will be joining you at home, here are tips on finding a place they will be welcome. 7.) Cheap Apartments, Need I Say More? - Finding an apartment that won't break the bank every month is a challenge for many people. Learn about your options. 8.) Sublet Apartments - Not ready to commit? Know you're only going to be in town for less than a year? A sublet apartment might be just what you're looking for. 9.) Long Distance Apartment Search Tips - If you're relocating from another city, finding a place to live before you move can be a challenge. Learn how to make the process easier. 10.) Do I Need Renters Insurance? - If there is a fire in your building, your landlord’s insurance does NOT cover your personal belongings. Even on a tight budget, rental insurance is inexpensive.

Bonus Guides!

Rooms For Rent: SRO & Rooming Houses - While not as prominent as they once were, rooming houses do still exist, as do rooms for rent in larger homes and apartment. Short Term Rental Options - Not ready to commit to living somewhere for a full year? Short term housing could be just what you need. Corporate Housing / Extended Stay - Staying for an extended period of time, but don't want a hotel room? Rent a corporate apartment and save money over staying in expensive hotels. Handicapped Accessible Housing for the Disabled - Particularly in cities with a lot of older housing, finding housing that accommodates those with physical disabilities takes extra work. Senior Living Options & Considerations - Seniors looking for housing may be asking themselves: should I live in a senior community, and what level of service is best for me? Also, tips for evaluating locations, etc.

NYC Specific Rental Guides

No Fee Apartments - Ahhhh... the holy grail of veteran and newbie apartment hunters. Find out what a "no fee" apartment is, and how to find one. Using a Broker - Should I use a broker to find an apartment in NYC? Do I need to use a broker? We answer these questions, and more. How to Rent in NYC - Trying to find apartments for rent in NYC can seem to be a herculean task at first. How do I start? Where do I live? We break it all down for you. Application Requirements & Lease Signing - Applying for an apartment in NYC requires much more paperwork than most people are used to providing. Get the details here. Student Housing in the NYC Metro Area - Dorm life not for you, or not available? Learn all about off campus housing in the world's greatest college town: New York City. Roommates in NYC - You may want to live alone, but for many New Yorkers, the only way to get the apartment you want is to have a roommate. Read this, and avoid getting the roommate from... hades. Low Income Housing in NYC - Whether you're looking for affordable housing or Section 8, you'll find information here to help you. NYC Hurricane Preparation - Whether you live in a high-rise, low-rise, house, flood zone, etc. we've got you covered. Learn what you need to know to survive during a hurricane, and after when power and services are shut down.

Moving Guides

Handy Moving Checklist - Hate moving? Check out these tips, checklist and more to make your move go as smoothly and painlessly as possible. Screening for Reputable Moving Companies - Moving is stressful, and can be very expensive when you use a moving company. We tell you how to find a reputable company that won't leave you high and dry on moving day. Moving to the USA - The United States is the melting pot of the world. Relocating anywhere is tough enough, but coming from another country has special challenges. We tell you how to make it easier.

Real Estate Terminology

Types & Sizes of Apartments - Ever wonder what a Junior 4 apartment is? How about a Classic Six? Or the ever-popular NYC favorite, Flexible 2? Well wonder no more. Real Estate Definitions - Rent stabilized, pressurized walls, super, LEED certified, board package... here's a glossary of terms you may not be familiar with. Real Estate Abbreviations - Listings for apartments can sometimes get a little abbreviation-happy, reading like a virtual alphabet soup of wics, wlkps, and wbfps. Read here, and you'll never have to guess again.