Pet Friendly Rental Buildings
In the NYC Metro Area

NYC landlords are generally not as pet friendly as their counterparts in other cities. That said, there are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of buildings that do allow pets. Usually they are restricted to dog and/or cats, although some are also open to other types of animals. Often the number of pets is limited as well... so no crazy cat ladies need apply!

When it comes to dogs, there are often size and/or breed restrictions, so you'll need to speak to the landlord about any restrictions they may have. Size restrictions are often in the form of a weight limit (although we've seen height limits as well). Breeds are sometimes restricted, usually excluding either larger dogs, or more aggressive breeds.

Sometimes smaller landlords (those who own one or two buildings) won't advertise that they allow pets, preferring to deal with the issue on a one on one basis. The list below is only of buildings that we know will accept pets, with or without restrictions.

  • Pet-Friendly Buildings