List of New Development Rental Apartment Buildings in NYC

Every year, new rental apartment buildings are constructed in the NYC area. In Manhattan, most of the new rental buildings that are built are mid-rise and high-rise towers (an exception to this would be in upper Manhattan). There is a mix of low-rise, mid-rise and high-rise buildings built in the outerboroughs and suburbs.

These days, new developments are primarily luxury apartment buildings, complete with a whole host of amenities. However, the occasional "moderate" income building does get built. Low-income housing is a separate category, and those buildings continue to be built, primarily by a handful of developers who specialize in this market.


Why Live in a New Development?

Some tenants looking for an apartment to rent prefer to live in a new building. Whether it's the status of living in a shiny new building, or being the first to occupy a unit, or potentially have less maintenance issues since everything is new (which is not always the case), many people prefer to restrict their search to the latest and greatest.

To help the process, we've created this page. For purposes of this list, we are defining a new development as anything opened in the past 3 years. We also will include older structures (office buildings, warehouses) that have been converted to housing.