Montclair State University Housing and Nearby Apartments

Montclair State University has put an enormous amount of money and energy into expanding and improving their Essex County home in the past dozen years or so, making on-campus housing more appealing than ever. To accommodate the increasing demand for Montclair on-campus housing, the school now has ten residence halls or "villages" to offer freshman, incoming students, as well as a fair percentage of upper-class and even graduate students. For under-class students, for example, there's the newly renovated Blanton Hall, one of the largest residences on campus, which can accommodate 650 students in suite-type living, complete with amenities such as a full-service dining hall, central air conditioning, and access to premium cable TV in every room. Montclair's newest residence, the Heights complex, is another popular student housing option, with its eight residential buildings--which can accommodate nearly 2,000 students, mostly in single rooms--multiple dining halls and recreation areas, premium cable TV and high-speed wireless throughout. For Montclair upper-class and graduate students, the top choice for on-campus housing is The Village at Little Falls, a nearly 850-bed apartment-style complex set into the northwest corner of the school's grounds. Full kitchens, individually-controlled air conditioning and heat in every room, an outdoor swimming pool, and half basketball court are among the amenities here. Plus, the Village at Little Falls is open year-round. But despite all of the above options, only about a third of the University's students live on campus during the course of any given year, leaving nearly 10,000 Montclair students needing off-campus housing. Montclair faculty off-campus housing is obviously also in demand. Upper Montclair itself is the first place most Montclair students start their off-campus housing search, both for obvious proximity reasons as well as just general prettiness and its bustling downtown area. The neighboring suburban communities of Clifton, Cedar Groves, Glen Ridge, Montclair proper, Verona, Little Falls, and Bloomfield Township also offer ample opportunity for living near school. Another option for off-campus housing, particularly for faculty members, but also graduate students, is New York City. Montclair is located just 14 miles outside of the city, and about a decade ago the school finished construction on its own New Jersey Transit Rail Station and Parking Deck, giving Montclair students, faculty, and staff an easy and direct route to and from Midtown Manhattan's Pennsylvania Station. Having such ready access to everything the city has to offer is not only a terrific perk for Montclair students living on campus, but it also opens up a whole lot of possibilities for Montclair faculty members as well.

About Montclair State University

For more than 100 years, Montclair State University has made its home in the Upper Montclair neighborhood of Essex County, in northern New Jersey. Founded in 1908 with one building--College Hall, which still stands today--on a 25-acre lot, and fewer than 200 students, Montclair State University has, to say the least, expanded quite a bit since those humble beginnings. Today Montclair is the second-largest school in all of New Jersey, with more than 14,500 undergraduate and nearly 4,000 graduate students spread out over 486 acres. Students at Montclair can choose from some 300 different fields of study: undergraduates have more than 250 options for their majors, minors, and/or concentrations, with popular programs in Business Administration, Psychology, Family and Consumer Sciences, and English Literature; Montclair graduate students can pursue Master's degrees in Business, Education, and Fine Arts, and there are several Certificate and Doctoral programs as well. Scroll down to see apartments near Montclair State University.