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We created Urban Edge as a marketplace where owners, property managers and leasing managers can market properties directly to consumers. According to the NAR (National Association of Realtors) 84% of people begin their home search online. Research also shows that 25% of home seekers use ten sites or more. Your tenants (and future tenants) are online researching and looking for a new home. Urban Edge is there to bring them to you. If it's free for landlords to market our available apartments on Urban Edge, how do you make money? Good question. The answer is that we offer advertising opportunities on our website, as well as optional online marketing services. You can learn more about placing banner ads and other promotional opportunities on our advertising page.

Why Market Your Apartments on Urban Edge?

  • No More OPs. Tired of dealing with brokers, and paying them an OP for walking the client in your office while you do the rest of the work? With Urban Edge, all leads go directly to you.
  • No competing with broker listings. At most other sites, brokers are allowed to post listings. Not on Urban Edge. Only owners, property managers, and leasing managers* are permitted to list their vacancies. Potential tenants know they are dealing directly with the source, not a middleman.
  • We only show updated listings. If a listing has not been confirmed as still available for more than one month, we remove the listing as a precaution. We don't want you getting calls on apartments rented weeks or months ago.
  • No “top posting.” Each listing is entered only once in our database. No wasting your time entering listings several times a day, competing to come up first… everyone has an equal chance. List it once, and that's it.
  • Robust apartment listings. We have created the most extensive and flexible database in the industry. You can enter as much, or as little, information as you wish, including pictures, floorplans, videos, incentives, application requirements and neighborhood information. Most is done with check-off boxes, but you can also write descriptions if you wish.
  • Multiple ways to update your listings. We can accept an automated feed which is checked daily, you can send us a list of available units on a regular basis to be updated, or you can have an account to login and update your listings yourself.
  • No rental history. Unlike some other sites, we do not show historical data of the rental price from past years.
  • It’s free. Yes, free. There is no cost for you to post or feed your listings, and we do not charge tenants to access our database. Our business model is to offer optional, fee-based marketing services as well as banner advertising opportunities on the website itself. However, whether or not you use any of these services, we still want to include your listings on Urban Edge.
  • To get started, you can create an account and begin entering your listings today (please note that your listings will not go live on Urban Edge until we verify you are not a broker* and your account is approved). If you want to set up an automated feed, or send us regular updates, please fill out the form below for more information. *On a case-by-case basis, brokers who are the exclusive leasing agent for a property, or who are also managing agents, may list only those properties that they lease/manage if there is no fee charged to the tenant. Open listings may not be posted.

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