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    8 West 40th Street 6th Floor

    New York, NY 10018

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About Hakimian Management Corporation

Having already demonstrated a two-generation history of achievement, The Hakimian Organization looks forward to ongoing successes. In addition to the expansion of present activities in development of multiple-dwelling and commercial areas as well as renovation of existing projects to create greatly augmented value, they are planning for further diversification in order to remain flexible in facing the challenges that characterize today's economic landscape. Future plans include areas of dramatically growing demand, including assisted living facilities and extended stay hotels. By selecting projects carefully, planning and building meticulously and managing creatively, the company has established a formidable array of full service capabilities. With tomorrow's projects already on the drawing board, The Hakimian Organization is poised to apply their unique systems, techniques and tactics with energy and effectiveness for successive generations.

The principals of The Hakimian Organization are a family of professional builders. In the current generation, Ben Hakimian, an architect, and Joe Hakimian, a licensed structural engineer, apply their knowledge of the fundamentals of 21st century construction and their respective areas of expertise on a daily basis, toward the successful completion and ongoing management of every project. Their signature hands-on approach has fueled the company's growth and reputation as long-term, respected builder-owners with a substantial volume of residential and commercial space completed in New York and the metropolitan area.

The Hakimian Organization is expert at planning new buildings to suit particular market demographics. They specialize in maximizing usable space in their projects. They enhance the attractiveness and value of their projects, both to the market and to the surrounding community, by applying careful forethought to the maximizing of views, exposures and outdoor space. Emphasis is placed on details critical to ultimate success.

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