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    New York, NY 10017

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  • To contact Gumley-Haft INC about available apartments, please see the individual listings for phone and/or email information, as it may vary by building.

About Gumley-Haft INC

We understand New York real estate. Our Account Executives have an average of 15 years of residential management experience, while our executives have been in the real estate industry for over 20 years each. These years of providing the highest level of service to our clients has equipped us with the skills, knowledge and insight to serve them — and you — with distinction.

Our portfolio ranges from a seven-unit townhouse to a 370-unit high-rise. We manage Cooperatives, Condominiums, rental properties and unsold units, and have done so with distinction for over two decades.

Our goal is to use our experience to provide our clients with the most sophisticated systems available in order to operate your building as efficiently as possible. We strive to be pro-active, and to share our expertise with our clients. We suggest a course of action, back up those recommendations with solid reasons, and encourage our Boards to be Decision-Makers. As an independently owned, mid-sized firm, we are large enough to provide the level of service our knowledgeable clients demand, yet small enough to offer the personalized service they deserve. We understand the need to be flexible in our approach and we are able to adapt to any situation that arises.been beautifully renovated and are meticulously maintained so that you can be proud to call this place home.

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