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    New York, NY 10009

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  • To contact DSA Realty Co about available apartments, please see the individual listings for phone and/or email information, as it may vary by building.

About DSA Realty Co

DSA Realty OWNS over 20 buildings all throughout the city and they are all no-fee direct from the owner (us!). We also manage many more and have partners that own pieces of even more! On top of that, we have exclusive no-fee buildings all throughout the city. All in all, we’re talking 50 no-fee buildings covering all areas of the city. However, if you come to our apartments with a broker from a different company then you have to pay that broker a fee. It’s no fee only if you come directly to us. So stop calling brokers, always call DSA first! And if we can’t find you an apartment in one of our buildings, we’ll be happy to show you apartments from other landlords we know as well. We are the LEAST EXPENSIVE way to find an apartment in NYC!

We don’t use “bait and switch” tactics, or post pictures of apartments that don’t exist in order to lure you through the door, like most other brokerage agencies. At DSA Realty we are upfront and honest in all our dealings with our clients. Other agencies push you to put down deposits on apartments sight unseen, only to find out the apartment looks nothing like the pictures, and very often the agent hasn’t seen his own listings himself. DSA Realty was specifically created to say “No more” to these shady practices. All our listings, pictures and advertisements are honest and real. Our agents are trained, knowledgeable and honest. We only deal with reputable landlords. We know who the “slumlords” are and we do not list their apartments. Try to find another brokerage that says that! Use DSA Realty and you can trust your agent!

We provide detailed picture presentations that show you exactly what the apartments look like. This also means that our agents know what the apartments look like, so we’ll never waste your time taking you to apartments that are too small or not the right layout for you. Other brokerages don’t have this technology or they only provide 1 or 2 pictures for each apartment trying to force you to “call in” to get more info. Don’t fall for that trick! Use DSA Realty and preview your apartments from home. This will save you an incredible amount of time on your apartment search.

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