Concordia College Housing and Nearby Apartments

With such a far-flung group of hometowns (more on that below), Concordia on-campus housing needs to provide for a diverse group of students, and, in fact, nearly two-thirds of the undergraduate student population moves into some sort of college-owned and -operated residence every year. Housing options here consist of four separate residence halls: Bohm Hall and Sieker Hall, which offer "corridor style" living arrangements and are segregated by gender, with Bohn for women and Sieker for men; and Rippe Hall and Romoser Hall, with a "section style" design, and where most of Concordia's upper-class students live. There are also two Concordia off-campus housing options for upper-class and graduate students: Ressmeyer Hall, an historic house located near the school that functions as the Campus Christian Ministries Center; and Koepchen Hall, which is reserved for Concordia's Nursing and Master's Program students. Concordia's population of commuters--the hundreds of students who live in off-campus housing--are a vital part of the community, joining clubs and sports teams. And if you're a Concordia commuter in need of housing for the coming year, a good place to start your search is Concordia's immediate neighborhood of Bronxville, and there are often rental apartments available in one of the many lovely (and pricey) garden apartment complexes in the village and its environs. For a more affordable living arrangement, the nearby areas of Mount Vernon, Tuckahoe, and Yonkers are solid choices. And remember: Concordia is located only about 25 minutes from New York City. If you want the bright lights (and have a source of income to pay for it), you can certainly live in Manhattan and reverse-Commute every day.

About Concordia College

For more than 130 years, Concordia College has made its home in the quiet, exceptionally pretty village of Bronxville, located in the southern end of New York's Westchester County. Founded in 1881, Concordia is a Christian-based, co-educational institution of higher learning, offering a four-year liberal arts education to some 885 undergraduate students. There are are also several graduate degree programs at Concordia. The school is part of the Concordia University System, an organization that includes ten colleges and universities around America, all of which are operated by the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod. For example, there's a Concordia in Selma, Alabama; in Ann Arbor, Michigan; in Irvine, California; in Saint Paul, Minnesota; in Portland, Oregon; and in Seward, Nebraska, in addition to the Concordia Bronxville campus. The Concordia College campus in Bronxville is spread out over 33 acres, and fits right in with the suburban setting of the neighborhood, with its wide lawns, classic architecture, and majestic old trees. Concordia College is a small school, but it offers its undergraduates a wide variety of majors, in such fields of study as Nursing, Business and Economics, Biology, Social Work, English, Education, the Natural and Social Sciences, and Liberal Studies. Concordia graduate students can earn a Master's Degree in Science in Business Leadership, a Master's in Science in Childhood Special Education, or a Master's in Science in Early Childhood Special Education. Also, considering its small size and suburban setting, Concordia's student body come from an impressively diverse geographic background, with 23 states and 37 foreign countries represented. Scroll down for a list of apartments near Concordia College.