College Of Staten Island Housing and Nearby Apartments

But for all that happens every day at CSI, a scant 3% of students live in College of Staten Island on-campus housing. Not that those three percent are complaining: CSI just recently opened what they call their "luxury residence halls" in Dolphin Cove, right near the Recreation Center. Dolphin Cove is designed for apartment-style living, with full-sized kitchens, laundry facilities, cable TV and internet access, study lounges and common areas. dedicated parking, and, in many cases, private bathrooms. But that leaves 97% of the student body needing to secure off-campus housing every year, and Urban Edge is here to help. Rental housing in Staten Island consists primarily of apartments in private homes, or single family homes converted to rental spaces. There are not many large apartment buildings located on the island, although many of the ones that do exist are not far from the College of Staten Island campus in St. George. For those not wishing to live on Staten Island, NJ is an option, as long as you have a car (although daily travel over the Bayonne Bridge can get expensive). If you don't mind a longer commute (and much higher rents), Manhattan is just a 30 minute ferry ride away.

About the College of Staten Island

The College of Staten Island has a provenance that stretches back to 1956, with the opening of the Staten Island Community College, one of two schools--Richmond College, founded in 1965, was the other--that for a variety of mostly financial reasons would merge in 1976 to form the current institution. But it was in 1993 that the College of Staten Island really became the university it is today, when the two campuses (in Todt Hill's Sunnyside, and in St. George), became one, taking over and rejuvenating a 204-acre plot of land in the neighborhood of Willowbrook. Centrally located on Staten Island, the campus is the largest, in terms of actual physical space, in all of New York City, and the park-like landscape offers students a kind of rural oasis in their urban world, with mature trees and woodlands, ornamental plantings, playing fields, a great lawn for lounging and casual recreation, large sculptures, and plenty of outdoor seating areas that encourage informal gatherings. Twenty one new and renovated neo-Georgian buildings provide the CSI community with more than 300 classrooms, laboratories, study lounges, and faculty and administrative offices. Other College of Staten Island campus landmarks include the Astrophysical Observatory, with its 16-foot dome; the massive, 77,000-square-foot Sports and Recreation Center, which provides facilities for both intercollegiate (the CSI Dolphins field 13 men's and women's teams in Division III competition, including basketball, swimming and diving, volleyball, tennis, and baseball) and intramural sports; and the Center for the Arts, with its 440-seat Clara and Arleigh B. Williamson Theatre, the 900-seat Marlene Springer Concert Hall. Today the College of Staten Island is part of the City University of New York system, welcoming nearly 13,500 undergraduate and graduate students every year. CSI Bachelor's degree candidates pursue programs in the liberal arts, sciences, and professional studies, with the most popular major including Business, Management, and Marketing; the Social Sciences; Psychology; English Literature and Language; and the Health Professions. CSI is also one of seven CUNY schools that participates in the Macauley Honors College program for undergraduates. Graduate students at the College of Staten Island can earn the Master's Degree in 16 professional and liberal arts and sciences, and CSI participates in doctoral programs with CUNY's Graduate School and University Center in Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Nursing, Physical Therapy, and Physics. Scroll down for a list of apartments near the College of Staten Island.