Brooklyn College Housing and Nearby Apartments

There is no on-campus housing within the leafy, 26-acre Brooklyn College campus—consistently called "gorgeous" by the likes of the Princeton Review—that has been a part of the borough, and the neighborhood of Midwood, since the 1930s. And with almost 17,000 undergraduate and graduate students needing somewhere to live while they attend classes and participate in the school's vibrant community life, there's a high demand each year to find off campus housing. A new opportunity for Brooklyn College housing was offered for the first time in 2010, and is an option definitely worth exploring: the privately owned and maintained Residence Hall, which offers housing to 290 Brooklyn College students in 220 furnished units—mostly studios and suites—located just two blocks from campus. The Residence Hall has proven to be very popular, no surprise, but of course it can accommodate only a tiny fraction of the student body.

Brooklyn College Off Campus Housing

Searching for a Brooklyn rental apartment in the immediate vicinity of the college is a good way to start your search, and there are countless numbers of pretty homes on nice blocks to be found in that area, especially as you get closer to Brooklyn's magnificent Prospect Park. But you also might want to look for off-campus housing in neighborhoods served by the same subway as the school, in this case the numbers 2 and the 5 trains, which both stop right on the edge of campus. Fortunately for those seeking off campus housing near campus, there are always plenty of options for apartments within the immediate Midwood area and in the neighboring communities of Kensington, Flatbush, and Ditmas Park. However, they must be found by the individual students. In addition to using Urban Edge, the Brooklyn College Housing Office offers referrals for housing. Scroll down for a list of apartments near Brooklyn College.