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Published on Oct 22, 2010

Below is a list of our favorite real estate websites (when we’re not on Urban Edge). We’ve included a mix of blogs, news/informational sites, and more. As we come across new sites, we’ll add them to our list. Some are serious… and some not so much. Life is too short, and we at Urban Edge believe in having a little fun now and then.

Top Real Estate Blogs & News Sites

BrickUnderground – Since launching, this blog has turned into the go-to website for information on renting, buying, selling and living in an apartment in NY. News, regular columns, forums and more.

The Apple, Peeled – Billed as "Manhattan Real Estate... from the inside out," this blog is always informative, with lots of great tips and information you might not know.

Curbed – Hugely popular blog on New York City real estate. By the folks that bring you Eater, and Racked. Full of gossip, scoops, and insider info—and some good, old-fashioned reporting.

NY Times – Great weekly columns and news.  Despite the rise of the many real estate blogs, this is still a must-read site for those who love real estate.

Brownstoner – The writer of this blog has a self-described “unhealthy obsession with historic Brooklyn brownstones and the neighborhoods and lifestyles they define.” In other words, it’s just our kind of website.

Apartment Therapy – “Saving the world, one room at a time” is their motto. Chockfull of great decorating ideas, from lavish rooms to affordable solutions anyone can do.

My Upper West – All things Upper West Side. Our particular favorite is their “Unattainable Apartment of the Week” posting. Talk about real estate envy.

Bed Bugger – This is so NOT our favorite subject. But there’s lots of great information if you are unfortunate enough to have this problem. Or you have an obsession with little creepy crawlies.

Top Real Estate Related Websites:

MapThatPad -- This is a great app that works well in conjunction with Urban Edge.  Save your listings on a map and in a list, add notes, share with friends and roommates, and much more.

Roommates Wanted NYC – What a great idea... I wish I would have thought of it. Stop trolling Craigslist, only to find psycho roommates. Mixers are held at different bars/lounges throughout the city.

Nabewise – Ever want to tell people why you love (or hate) your neighborhood? Or see how other people rate it? This is the place. And they’re cool enough to provide our neighborhood pages with said ratings.

Split The Rent -- Too cool... anyone who has ever had a roommate, has had to wrestle with this dilemma.  How do you split the rent when one bedroom is larger than the other, or has it's own bath? Use this tool to figure it out.

City-Go-Round – Looking for the best place to stand on the train platform? There’s an app for that (who knew?). And any number of other mass transit/driving/walking related items also have apps. You can find them all here, with ratings.

HopStop – Subway/Rail, Bus and Walking directions. Before GPS and tools like this, we must have been a nation full of lost people. A must use website (and app).

World Taxi Meter – Ever wonder, can I afford to take a cab? Use this estimator to find out! In our experience, it tends to underestimate fares, probably due to variances in traffic, but it's close enough for us.

Top Real Estate Listings Sites for Rentals

Urban Edge – Did you really think we would leave ourselves off this list?

City Realty – Extensive building directories with price ranges. You can register to get access to broker listings.

StreetEasy – Has a large number of listings; a significant number of them are from brokers.

NYBits – Good building and landlord directory.  Also has listings from a limited number of landlords.

Top Funny Real Estate Websites

Astoria Ugly – Any blog that is subtitled "pretty is for pussies, embrace the Queens aesthetic" is OK in our book.

The Real Estalker – Celebrities. Real estate. Look at the title. I think you can figure out the rest.

Really Rotten Realty – A tongue-in-cheek view of our favorite people: real estate agents. Actually, some of our best friends are agents. Really.

Lovely Listing – You know those bizarre real estate photos you see on Craigslist and other sites? The ones that make you stop and go, what the? Now imagine them all in one place.

Ugly House Photos -- Much like Lovely Listing, some of these pictures must be seen to be believed.  I've seen them, and I still don't believe.

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