Top 10 Unique Amenities in NYC Apartment Buildings

Published on Jun 7, 2011

Any number of New York City luxury rental buildings can boast of amenities such as a health club or fitness center, an on-site concierge, lobby-level bicycle storage, and even communal party spaces, billiard rooms and screening rooms are becoming more and more common. Now, there's certainly nothing wrong--and everything right--with having access to any of the above in your home. But to really stand out in the NYC luxury rental amenities game these days, it seems you need to offer residents amenities more often associated with vacation resorts, or private estates. Here then is the Urban Edge list of the Top 10 Unique Amenities in NYC Apartment Buildings:
  1. Rock Climbing Wall

    Among the many reasons to check out the luxury rental building at 10 Hanover Square in Manhattan's Financial District is the two-story rock climbing wall, featuring several climbs of varying degrees of difficulty, located in the building's (by the way state-of-the-art) health club.

  2. Simulated Golf

    Every once in a while we see a putting green offered to residents of NYC rental apartments (for example, at the Arias Park Slope), but a golf simulator? Even more rare and, frankly, much more awesome. Among the rental buildings with simulated golf machines: 25 Broad Street at the Exchange, in Manhattan's Financial District.

  3. Library

    Many NYC rental buildings have a shelf or three in the lobby, or laundry room, dedicated to an informal book-swap sort of situation, and these can be great, or not, depending on your neighbors' participation and taste in books.... But for real readers, having a thoughtfully, actively-maintained lending library at your disposal--like the one at the Upper East Side luxury rental building, 1510 Lex--can be heaven.

  4. Video Game Arcade

    If having a billiard room in your NYC rental building doesn't do it for you, how about a video game arcade? At the West Chelsea hot spot OHM (which also, by the way, has concerts in the lobby from time to time... and locks on all the medicine cabinets), the retro-centric video game arcade will satisfy all of your late-night Defender, or Q*Bert, or Centipede cravings.

  5. Spa

    Not content with just a fitness center, some buildings have included whirlpools, saunas, etc. in their offerings. But if you want the latest and greatest, look for a building that actually offers spa treatments on the premises. Now you never have an excuse for leaving the building without looking your best. Check out Chelsea Landmark if this is a must have for you.

  6. Cabanas

    Upping the luxury rental apartment swimming-pool amenity-ante even further: private cabanas for residents to store their gear poolside, or to use as an on-site changing area. BKLYN Gold, for example, in Downtown Brooklyn, offers its residents rooftop cabanas, handy both to the pool as well as the barbecue area.

  7. Wine Cellar

    Serious wine lovers (and collectors) probably already have a home wine cellar, but if your NYC rental apartment is more a pied-a-terre, having a well-maintained, climate-controlled wine cellar as a building amenity can really make a difference. 34 Leonard, in Tribeca, is one of several new buildings in Manhattan to offer residents this service.

  8. Food Shopping

    OK, while everyone else is offering a cold storage room so that you deliveries from Fresh Direct don't spoil before you get home, some buildings will actually do your food shopping for you. If this appeals to you, you should check out The Biltmore.

  9. Pet Concierge & Spa

    Many residents of NYC rental apartments plead with and/or bribe their doormen to walk their dog in the evening... but if your building comes with a pet concierge, all of your regular or emergency dog-walking and cat-feeding duties are taken care of as a matter of routine. Some even have spas that offer grooming, etc. The Caroline, in the Flatiron District is one rental building that offers a pet concierge as part of its amenity package.

  10. Catering Kitchen

    Here's a NYC rental apartment amenity we're seeing more and more of in those newly-built luxury complexes: the on-site catering kitchen. Whether you're hosting a party in your apartment or using the building's club room, having access to a catering kitchen like the huge one at Midtown's MiMA can take a lot of the stress off of entertaining.

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