Top 10 Rental Buildings with Roof Decks in NYC

Published on Jun 21, 2011

Roof decks on NYC luxury rental apartment buildings have become almost expected these days, after the last construction boom when up went all of those soaring contemporary towers, filled luxury amenities galore. No surprise, really: the added cost for the developer is relatively minimal (plus, it's not like you're stealing space from a potential living area), and, situated as they are at or near the top of all of these huge new NYC rental buildings, the views can be stunning, even for the most jaded New Yorkers. That said, rental apartment roof decks are not all created equal, of course, so here's a look at the Urban Edge List of the Top 10 NYC Rental Buildings With Roof Decks.
  1. Tribeca Park

    Located at the northern edge of the great Rockefeller Park AND right on the Hudson River, the luxury rental building Tribeca Park seems ideally situated for a fantastic roof deck... and the developers at Related have delivered. Perched plenty high on the 19th floor, the Tribeca Park roof deck is nicely landscaped and all the all the necessary equipment for lounging, sunning, barbecuing, relaxing, and taking in those cool river breezes and stunning downtown Manhattan views. At the western end of Chambers Street.

  2. 2 Gold Street

    Soaring above Manhattan's Financial District (not an easy thing to do in that skyscraper-heavy neighborhood), 2 Gold Street doesn't disappoint in the roof deck department. In fact, there are two, featuring plenty of landscaping--including a real grass lawn and shady spots--lounges and lunching tables, all adjoining a solarium with gas fireplace, wet bar and catering kitchen. This luxury NYC apartment building is situated on the corner of Gold Street and Maiden Lane.

  3. The Beatrice

    The prime location of this luxury rental building makes it hard to stay home--squarely within one of Manhattan's most exciting neighborhoods, the building is just blocks away from Madison Square Park and all of the great restaurants that have sprung up in that area this past decade--but when you do, The Beatrice delivers both comfort and fun. One example: the 2,600 square-foot Cloud Terrace, on the the 54th floor, with everything you need to lounge in the sun or have drinks with your friends at night. On 29th Street and Park Avenue.

  4. Silver Towers

    Offering residents the convenience of Midtown Manhattan living, but situated just far enough away from the crowds to give it the feeling a true oasis, the massive Silver Towers complex is a luxury NYC rental apartment with an array of unusual amenities that make it worth checking out. Case in point: the building's Entertaining Terrace, with its cascading "wall of water", misting showers, and roomy day-bed cabanas. On 42nd Street and 11th Avenues.

  5. The Monterey

    This Upper East Side luxury rental apartment building is located just a block from the subway for an easy commute, and is far enough uptown, at 96th Street, to give you a good chance at getting a seat in the morning. And when you get home to the Monterey, enjoy its lovely little landscaped sun terrace with outfitted with lounges, dining tables and barbecue grills. On 96th Street and 3rd Avenue.

  6. Columbus Square

    The Upper West Side got a huge new luxury rental building this past year with Columbus Square, a fun, family-friendly apartment complex, a block from Central Park, with five towers, four health clubs, a swimming pool, a Whole Foods (among other sought-after, make-your-life-easier retail stores) on the ground floor, and SIX landscaped decks that function as your front, side, and back yards. Minus the mowing. On Columbus Avenue and 98th Street.

  7. The Brooklyner

    The tallest building in all of the great borough of Brooklyn better come through with a first-class roof deck, and the luxury Brooklyn rental building The Brooklyner comes through. The views, of Brooklyn, and Manhattan, and Queens beyond, and all the waterways, are, no surprise, spectacular, and the landscaping, the stylish, contemporary lounge furniture, and the party equipment are all pretty great too. In Downtown Brooklyn, on Lawrence Street, near Willoughby Street (and a dozen subway lines).

  8. The Pier

    The Pier may not be Jersey City's tallest tower, but when you're located on the river, right across the water from the glorious Manhattan skyline, having height matter less than having access. Residents of this apartment building enjoy beautiful views from their seventh-story roof deck, in addition to all the other increasingly-popular things about Jersey City living. Located at One Harborside Place.

  9. East Coast

    Right across the East River from Midtown Manhattan, the Queens neighborhood of Long Island City is known for its easy commutes, its up-and-coming art/dining/nightlife scene, and, more and more, for its waterfront rental buildings. Take, for example, East Coast, a 38-story luxury rental tower that overlooks an expanse of Gantry Plaza, the river, and the Manhattan skyline beyond... all of which look stunning from the building's landscaped, fully-loaded roof deck. On Center Boulevard at the western end of 48th Avenue.

  10. The Independence at the Shipyard

    Hoboken rental apartments offer residents a host of advantages over their Manhattan counterparts--the prime ones, perhaps, being more space for less money; a fun, thriving neighborhood; AND a quick commute across the river via the PATH or the Ferry--but when you throw in a first-rate roof deck with views of the water and the Manhattan skyline... well, for many people, that's the clincher. The Independence at the Shipyard, one of Hoboken's most sought-after areas, has all of the above. Definitely worth a look. At the eastern end of 14th Street, right on the water.

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