Map of Celebrity Homes: Want to Live Among the Stars of Stage and Screen in NYC?

Published on Feb 27, 2012


First, before I get to the map of celebrity homes, a word of warning: if you're new in town, real New Yorkers do NOT acknowledge celebrities, whether you spot them on the streets, in the supermarket, at the playground, at your children's school, eating out in your favorite restaurant, wherever.

You will see celebrities all the time in this town, but It doesn't matter how much you love and admire their work (or, perhaps, despise in equal measures), if you spot Cynthia Nixon trying to get a cab on Broadway, stroller in tow; or Alec Baldwin choosing fruit at Fairway; or Julianne Moore at the bodega buying her kid a lollipop; or Steve Buschemi reading the paper on the F train*, don't stare, don't make a fuss, just go about your business until you're out of earshot and then squeal and giggle about it with your friend.

Yes, you may also Facebook or tweet your sighting, as long as you inject enough ironic posing so it doesn't seem like you you were really excited, even though you were, and everyone knows you were. OMG SO COOL! will only identify you as a newbie or out-ot-towner, and NOT a New Yorker.

Sure you can chat with that big movie star, but only if you pretend that you don't know who they are (sample: "Hey are those any good, those lollipops?"). Finally, pictures are only allowed if the celebrity is doing something deliberately public, such as Mark Ruffalo marching against fracking (really, see the pic below). And if you see Mayor Bloomberg riding the subway, he is approachable and you can say "hi" (we've seen it done). Just mind the security detail, and don't act sketchy or make any sudden moves.


NYC is unique in that people of very different income levels can live right around the corner from each other... or next door, or across the street, from each other. Think about it... Beverly Hills doesn't have rental apartments in walk-ups located across the street from their many mansions. But in NYC, you literally could have a brownstone or walk-up apartment building adjacent to an expensive co-op filled with celebrities.  Such is the crazy nature of New York real estate.

So: the (mostly) Manhattan map of celebrity homes. Released last week by Rentenna, this vital, though hardly comprehensive (hello, everyone knows Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick live in the West Village) map shows which block many popular celebrities reside on (though, much to the disappointment of hardcore stalkers everywhere, NOT the exact building).

Unsurprisingly, there is a heavy celebrity concentration on the Upper West Side, specifically on Central Park West (Steve Martin, Glenn Close, Bono, Denzel Washington, etc.), and Tribeca (Meryl Streep, Jon Stewart, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tyra Banks, and on and on), but who knew Bill Murray was such an Upper East Side kind of guy, all the way up there on East 96th?

And how star-barren is that stretch between 23rd Street and 59th Streets? So very barren, at least according to this map. Did everyone move out of Chelsea after Sean Avery sold his condo there last year? Anyway, of course I'm not suggesting that you choose your Manhattan rental apartment based on its proximity to the talented and famous, no matter HOW good-looking and excellently-dressed they may be. But it's fun to think about, no? So take a look at their map of celebrity homes and start dreaming of your own star sighting. Not that you care, because you're a New Yorker, remember?


*Examples inspired by true events. Really.

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