Hot Neighborhoods in Brooklyn

Published on Apr 6, 2012


Like to find a nice no-fee rental apartment in a hot neighborhood in Brooklyn? You're not alone. Silly trend pieces ("Freegan Food Co-ops now a thing!" "Man-buns take over Williamsburg!") and pockets of too-self-congratulatory residents aside, Brooklyn rental apartments, both to the north (e.g., Williamsburg) and the south (Park Slope, Carroll Gardens, et al) continue to be hot, with rents on one-bedroom and two-bedroom Brooklyn rentals up about 10% from last year at this time. And rightly so.

Although there may be downsides to living across the river, the delights of this part of New York City have become too numerous and palpable for even the staunchest Manhattan-phile to ignore. Plus: the average Manhattan doorman building will charge you about $2,000 more (yup: that's two THOUSAND more each month!) than you would pay for a similarly-sized space in the Borough of Kings.


Anyway, there's been a a few profiles recently about one particular neighborhood in Brooklyn which are worth reading if you're wondering where you might find the Brooklyn no-fee rental apartment that's right for you.

First, the Wall Street Journal recently did a piece on the small but ridiculously-appealing community of Cobble Hill, which seems to have it all, in a Brownstone Brooklyn way: charming, historic buildings on tree-lined streets; easy access to Manhattan via numerous trains; good schools and lots of families; tons of first-rate restaurants and bars, especially when you throw in next-door Carroll Gardens and Boerum Hill. There's even a movie theater AND a vibrant, spirited art gallery, Invisible Dog.

Needless to say, Cobble Hill rental apartments don't come cheap (except, perhaps, as compared to Manhattan), and inventory tends to be tight, but if you're aiming high in an old-school way, it's definitely worth a look.


And the Journal article came hard on the heels of a New York Post piece about another hot neighborhood in Brooklyn, the Cobble Hill/Carroll Gardens waterfront area, a formerly downtrodden, recently much-less-so mini-neighborhood of Brooklyn rental apartments and new condos on and around Columbia Street.

Why all of sudden are people moving here? It's not as if they've magically removed the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, the dreaded "trench" that lies between the river and the aforementioned delights of Cobble Hill and Carroll Gardens and that somewhat defines the neighborhood. It's just that, as this stretch of Brooklyn gets more developed--it's now more pleasantly known as the Columbia Waterfront--and the prices rise in the neighborhoods next door, more and more young professionals and families are moving into the Columbia Street Waterfront District, trench or no trench.

And they're not the only ones: businesses and restauranteurs have taken note, including the James Beard Award-winning Portland chef Andy Ricker, who chose Columbia Street as the location for his hugely-anticipated Pok Pok, opening this spring. Plus: it looks like residents of Columbia Street Waterfront District rental apartments will be getting a new park by the river, adding to the already-awesome playground at the end of Atlantic Avenue near Pier 6, which includes the Swing Jungle.

So, if you're looking for hot neighborhoods in Brooklyn, forget the usual suspects, and be sure to check out Cobble Hill and the Columbia Street Waterfront District.


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