Greenpoint Landing: On the (Brooklyn) Waterfront

Published on Oct 15, 2012

Rendering of Greenpoint Landing Proposed Development
Rendering of Greenpoint Landing Proposed Development
It's not like it really surprises me at this point, that NYC residents are living in a kind of golden age of massive design and construction projects, as seemingly every empty (and/or out-dated) square foot of land is being developed to within an inch of its life. In fact, for the most part, with some exceptions, I think that the incredible changes seen all over Manhattan and throughout big chunks of Brooklyn over the last 15 years or so have been for better, and in many cases are spectacular successes, adding energy, beauty, and a welcoming, inclusive vibe to both central gathering locations (think Madison Square Park, Columbus Circle, Bryant Park, etc) as well as all-but-abandoned corners (Hudson River Park, Governors Island, the High Line, etc.) of this magnificent home of ours. And there's so much more to come, starting right now, and continuing for the next decade or so, that will completely transform more than a few neighborhoods forever... neighborhoods into which you might be considering settling down. Map of Greenpoint Landing Proposed Development
Map of Greenpoint Landing Proposed Development

Is Greenpoint Landing Finally Getting Started?

The biggest item this past week in mega-development news, literally and figuratively? the massive Greenpoint Landing project may actually be getting started! Definite details are still a ways away, but if developer Park Tower Group has its way (and can secure financing), north Brooklyn residents possibly have the following to look forward to: 22 redeveloped acres, on the old Greenpoint Lumber Exchange plot, just north of the newly opened Transmitter Park; at least ten spanking new luxury rental towers, rising some 30 to 40 stories above the water; as many as 4,000 individual Greenpoint rental apartments put on the market (20% of which may or may be "affordable"), which translates into a LOT of new residents moving into this now-peaceful stretch of West Street; and, most exciting from a design standpoint, possibly a loopy, swooping Santiago Calatrava bridge pedestrian/cyclist bridge connecting Greenpoint to Long Island City via the riverfront. Historic Greenpoint Homes will soon be Getting Shiny, New Neighbors
Historic Greenpoint Homes will soon be Getting Shiny, New Neighbors

Plans Call for Much More than just Glass Towers at Greenpoint Landing

And Park Tower Group isn't just planning on slapping up some tall boxes and calling it a day. No, Greenpoint Landing, according to Park Tower and the folks at Handel Architects say that "the site will feature a marina as well as the largest East River pier as the centerpiece of the waterfront experience. Indoor amenities will include concierge and valet service, fitness center and spa, racquetball court, golf-simulator, children’s playroom and screening room. Unique outdoor space will include a seasonal putting green / ice rink, and a large amenity deck overlooking with swimming pool, hot tub and barbecue area. Indoor parking will be accessible to all residents, and restaurants and other retail establishments will be incorporated throughout the entire project." Sounds not very Greenpoint, a neighborhood known more for its great Polish butchers, quiet historic streets (above), divey bars, creative- and hipster-types, excellent doughnuts (at Peter Pan) cookies (at Ovenly) and reliance on a single train line, the G, which is the only one in the system that does NOT enter Manhattan at some point on its route. Maybe Greenpoint Landing residents will all take the ferry? Clearly, this story has only just begun. Welcome to Greenpoint Graffiti
Welcome to Greenpoint Graffiti
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