Future NYC: Mega Projects That Will Change Life in the City

Published on Dec 23, 2011


I talk a lot about the huge, neighborhood-changing projects that will make a difference not only for residents of NYC rental apartments in their immediate vicinity, but that will also have a lasting effect upon the city a whole.

And there are so many of these massive, infrastructure-shaking, community-creating developments going on right now--projects that will take years, if not decades to complete, but that will change the landscape of this town for generations--that it's hard to even keep track of them all, much less imagine what the city as a whole will look like for the average resident of, say, a Manhattan rental apartment.

That's why the map run by the New York Post recently, a detail of which I've posted above and below, was so fascinating. Here is an overview of several of New York City's major construction projects, currently in various stages of design and development. These mega projects will change the life for NYC residents in the near, and not-so-near, future.


Click through here for the whole thing, which includes more than a dozen projects that will reshape the city for residents of all NYC rental apartments. I've posted about many of these on Urban Edge before, and will likely do so again, such as the Hudson Yards residential and office complex on the far west side.

Others include the 22-acre Atlantic Yards in Prospect Heights, a mixed-use development that includes the stadium for the NBA's Brooklyn Nets, and the East River Greenway between 38th and 60th Streets, which will complete the 32-mile Manhattan Greenway project, providing easy waterfront access around the entire island of Manhattan. Of course, we can't forget everyone's (OK, everyone on the east side of Manhattan) favorite, the long awaited, and much overdue, Second Avenue Subway.

But there are also a few things on the Post's map which may be new to you (they were to me), like the scope of the Fresh Kills Park, a 2,200-acre behemoth (almost three times the size of Central Park!) that, when completed in 2041, will be the largest such green space in all five boroughs and will certainly change the way residents of Staten Island go about their weekends.


Closer to completion, and of more local interest for Tribeca rental apartment dwellers--and, to be even more specific, for Tribeca rental apartment residents' DOGS--there's the groundbreaking, cutting-edge dog park that will be built near the base of Pier 26 on Hubert Street as part of the new, $6.5 million stretch of the Hudson River Park opening in 2013.

Residents of Tribeca and their four-legged best friends can look forward to separate areas for large and small dogs, a dog-sized drinking fountain, and a totally adorable, dog-activated water-spray feature, which dogs turn on by jumping on (or walking into) a short vertical post known as a bollard.

Because the trees will still be too young to provide much shade when the park first opens, residents of Tribeca can seek cover under umbrellas planted throughout the dog park. And the whole thing will be constructed with gray-blue pavement, which will appear bright blue to a dog's color-blind eyes.

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