Cheap Apartments in Queens

Published on Feb 21, 2012

Looking for cheap apartments in Queens? First, what is your definition of cheap?  If you're coming from another part of the country, the rent in Queens may not seem inexpensive at first.  However, in comparison to Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn, much (thought not necessarily all) of Queens presents an opportunity to find a relative bargain.

Apartments for rent in Queens have their obvious appeal: as we've already pointed out, the prices tend to be much (much!) lower than anywhere in Manhattan, as well as most anything you'll find in Brooklyn's trendiest neighborhoods which, these days, seem to be almost all of Brooklyn.

But although Queens's reputation remains decidedly un-glamorous, there's a whole lot more than just low prices to attract all sorts of NYC rental apartment seekers--whether families, young professionals, or even, in recent years, artists and creative types--to the many vibrant communities of Queens.

But because of the lack of overall hype, many of us still feel like Queens, New York City's second largest and, trailing Brooklyn by only a hair, second most populous borough, remains a bit of a mystery. Which is why I personally found two pieces last month on the best Queens neighborhoods very helpful as I begin to ponder my next move.

The Wall Street Journal had an interesting article about rental apartments in Ridgewood, Queens, a community that has seen an influx of late from two seemingly disparate groups from nearby Brooklyn neighborhoods. As Greenpoint rental apartments becomes increasingly sought-after (and, so, increasingly expensive), a contingent from the Polish community is setting up shop in nearby Ridgewood, complete with several first-rate Polish delis, butchers, bakeries and restaurants that specialize in such old-world classics as pierogies and kielbasa.


More surprising--and potentially neighborhood-changing--is the burgeoning creative scene in Ridgewood, with artists of all kinds relocating from next-door Bushwick into comparably cheap Ridgewood rental apartments. As sculpture and sound installation artist Michelle Jaffé told the Journal, "I'd been searching for five years and I found a great affordable space with good transportation—the L and M subway."

All in all, it seems like now is the the time to check out Ridgewood for cheap apartments in Queens.

And coincidentally also last month, the Daily News unveiled their comprehensive look at five terrific neighborhoods in which you can find both cheap Queens rental apartments, AND plenty to do at night and on the weekends once you're there (especially those weekends, as the article points out, when the 7 train isn't running into Manhattan "due to necessary repairs").

In Astoria, for example, where the News says you can get a spacious two-bedroom rental apartment for only $1,800, there are beer gardens galore and some of the best Greek food in America. Long Island City is smartly dissected into its increasingly distinct sub-neighborhoods, including Vernon Boulevard, Court Square, and Dutch Kills, all of which have plenty of nightlife and cultural options. And while the high-rises

And in bustling Jackson Heights you can get mint-condition one-bedrooms for under $1400, says the News, and in Sunnyside Gardens, one of the prettiest neighborhoods in all of New York City, studios with Manhattan skyline views still can be had for about the same price. Worth a look.


Now, if you find the cheap apartments in Queens still too expensive for your tastes, we suggest looking in most parts of The Bronx instead.

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