Rental Apartments With Special Offers
in the NYC Metro Area

NYC generally has a very tight rental market, often averaging only 2% of the available apartments vacant at any given moment. Therefore, local landlords don't have a need to offer many incentives or concessions to get people to rent their apartments. Still, sometimes the market does slow down somewhat, or price/location of the apartment isn't as attractive as it could be, or a particular neighborhood has a lot of apartments vacant, and the owner may offer an incentive to rent the apartment quicker. Incentives are also not unusual when a new building opens, as the landlord has many unit to rent, and wants to get tenants quickly.

The most common incentive in the NYC area is for the landlord to pay the brokers fee if you come with a broker. Of course, if you come by yourself, that doesn't help you... unless the landlord is offering to either pay the fee, or give you one month of free rent. No fee apartments are not included in the list below, as you can find thousands of them by searching our database. What you will find below are listings with offers of free rent, reduced security deposits, and more. So, if you're looking to get a little extra when you rent your apartment, check out the apartments with concessions listed below.