Rental Apartments with Open Houses
in the NYC Metro Area

Open Houses are not as common for rental apartments, as they are in condos and homes for sale. That said, they are used by some landlords and brokers to promote their vacancies to potential renters. Procedures during the open house can vary. Sometimes a leasing agent or broker will host it, and can help you apply for the apartment if you're interested. In other instances, the open house may be supervised by the building super, or an office assistant, who will refer you to someone else if you're interested in applying.

Regardless, if you're seriously looking for an apartment, you should arrive with all of your paperwork in order. Particularly in popular neighborhoods, good apartments can move quickly, and you don't want to have to run home to get your required paperwork while someone else is already applying. See our NYC renters guides for more information on what paperwork you should have with you when applying.

Below is a list of apartments with open houses scheduled.