Advertising Opportunities on Urban Edge

While any owner or property manager/leasing manager can list their apartments for free on Urban Edge, we do have optional paid advertising on the site to give you even more exposure. Research shows that 25% of home seekers use 10 or more websites when searching for a new apartment or home. So, while listings are an important first step, it's also often necessary to help cut "through the clutter" and give yourself more exposure than your competitors. Banner ads, featured listings and buildings are also a great branding tool... imagine potential tenants going on several websites, and not only seeing your listings, but seeing your other ads, constantly reinforcing you as the landlord, or property, of choice. Plus, your ads will be geo-targeted to the metro area that matches where your property, or properties, are. Also, please know that advertising is not just for landlords! Moving companies, storage companies, home improvement/decor and other stores and services that target people who are moving will benefit from advertising on Urban Edge. All ads are targeted to metro areas, allowing local advertisers to gain exposure without doing a national buy.

Why Advertise on Urban Edge?

  • Motivated renters. Unlike general news sites with a classified section, users of Urban Edge are far more serious about renting an apartment. That's why they came to our website. Your advertising dollars aren't wasted showing ads to people looking for the latest entertainment news.
  • Better exposure. Featured listings and buildings get shown to far more users than the average listing. Placements and call-outs on the page are designed to attract more clicks on your listing or building.
  • More traffic to your website. Banner ads drive far more traffic to your website, than listings alone.
  • Stronger branding. Your banners are shown on competing landlords' building and listing pages, as well as throughout the entire website.
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