Image from Woodside
Image courtesy of Joshua Pomales. Used by permission under CC BY 2.0. License Info Photo has been cropped.
Image from Woodside
Image courtesy of Joshua Pomales. Used by permission under CC BY 2.0. License Info Photo has been cropped.

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Woodside rental apartments offer residents of this Queens community relatively low prices combined with many of New York City's most sought-after amenities, especially those apartment-seekers with young families: a low crime rate--often the lowest in all of New York City--better-than-average public schools, as well as a nice combination of quiet and convenience. In fact, the apartments for rent are often much less expensive, and offer much more space, than their Manhattan and Brooklyn counterparts. Woodside is located in western portion of Queens, and is bordered to the north by Northern Boulevard (and the neighborhood of Astoria); to the east by the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway (and Elmhurst and Jackson Heights); to the south by Calamus, Maurice and Masbeth Avenues (and the community of Maspeth); and to the west by 44th Street and Locust Street (and Sunnyside). Residents who commute to Manhattan enjoy easy access to public transportation, with multiple stops along the 7, E, V, and R trains right there in the neighborhood. Express buses to Manhattan are also a popular choice for Woodside commuters, and the Long Island Rail Road takes only 12 minutes from the Woodside stop into Penn Station, and Midtown Manhattan. Small parks are scattered about the landscape--such as Doughboy Park, Windmuller Park, Big Bush Park, and Laurel Hill Park--but there is no great expanse of green here. Instead it is the quiet side streets, several stretches of which are lined with two- and three-story detached houses, that provide escape from the noise, grit (both thanks in large part to the elevated train that runs over Roosevelt Avenue) and bustle of the boulevard. There are bigger buildings in Woodside, too, including both mid- and high-rise rental apartments. As far as eating, drinking, and being entertained in Woodside, there is no end to the inexpensive, ethnic eateries--the most popular restaurant in town seems to be the multi-leveled Thai place SriPraPhai--and the Irish pubs are packed on the weekends, with The Cuckoo's Nest on Woodside Avenue reputedly pouring the best pint of Guinness in town. Other cuisines in abundance within the Woodside dining scene include several excellent Filipino spots--clustered, understandably enough, especially around the "Little Manila" commercial strip on Roosevelt Avenue, between approximately 63rd and 71st Streets--as well as a fair number of authentic Dominican and Ecuadorian restaurants. And street fairs and various festivals are an important part of the Woodside community as well, including a well-attended St. Patrick's Day parade.

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Subway Lines

  • 7
  • e
  • m
  • r


  • Is 125 Woodside Is
  • Ps 11 Kathryn Phelan School
  • Ps 151 Mary Carter School
  • Ps 152 Gwendoline N. Alleyne


  • Big Bush Park
  • Doughboy Plaza
  • Hart Playground
  • Latham Park
  • Lawrence Virgilio Playground
  • Pigeon Paradise
  • Sergeant Collins Triangle
  • Sherry Park
  • Sohncke Square
  • Steinmann Triangle
  • St. Michael's Park
  • St. Michael's Playground
  • Strippoli Square

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