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Located in the north central Bronx, you'll find the very residential, middle-class neighborhood of Williamsbridge and its small sub-neighborhood of Olinville. Most of its one square mile consists of single-family to three-family homes built in the industrious era of the 50s through 60s. Olinville is a small area on the western side of Williamsburg, east of the Bronx River Pkwy. This area has been subject to rezoning in order to preserve certain building codes, primarily adhering to the scale and scope of buildings in that area. As such, it has been remanded to be a sub-community of Williamsbridge. However, both neighborhoods have virtually the same profile in terms of its economic makeup and its urban development. Williamsbridge is named after an 18th Century farmer, John Williams, whose farm was along the East Bank of the Bronx River. Legend has it that he was responsible for building the first bridge across the Bronx River. There's no evidence of that story being true, but it is certainly one little tidbit in the history of Williamsbridge. Long gone are the agrarian days of the past. Williamsbridge is now a fully functioning working-class neighborhood. There are only a very few mid-rise and hi-rise buildings here. Yet surprisingly, living in Williamsbridge means living in what is largely a renter-friendly community. Rents in this area tend to cut a wide swath. They can run from $800 for a studio in a private home, to $2000 for a three bedroom apartment in a newer building close to public transportation. The average price for a one bedroom apartment is $1300 in an elevator building. White Plains Road is the main thoroughfare in Williamsbridge, and the location of the main commercial strip that runs through the western end of the neighborhood. You'll find every kind of shop imaginable from supermarkets and specialty foods, to furniture and appliances, books stores, beauty shops, clothing stores, florists, and pharmacies. And the location is also very good for commuters who need to get in and out of Manhattan. Both the #2 and #5 subway have two station stops in Williamsbridge East 219th Street and Gun Hill Road. Either train will get you into midtown in an hour or less. For a higher price, you can take the Express Bus #BxM11, which also stop nearby to the train stations (at 219th St. and Gun Hill Rd.). The commuting time in naturally a bit longer, but if you'd rather be above ground, this may be a better fit for you. And at the high-end of travel is the Metro-North Harlem Line, which you can pick up at Gun Hill Road and Webster Avenue. It's considerably pricier, but you will ride a lot more comfortably and the commute is under 30 minutes. It really depends on your own travel preference.

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  • Evander Childs Hs
  • Jhs 113 Richard R. Green Jhs
  • Ps 41 Gun Hill Road School
  • Ps 78 Anne Hutchinson School


  • Agnes Haywood Playground
  • D'onofrio Square
  • Gun Hill Playground
  • Magenta Playground
  • Williamsbridge Square

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