Image from Westchester Village
Image courtesy of Jim Henderson. Used by permission under Public Domain. License Info Photo has been cropped.
Image from Westchester Village
Image courtesy of Jim Henderson. Used by permission under Public Domain. License Info Photo has been cropped.

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Out in the East Bronx sits a neighborhood with bold character. Displaying strong colors and quirky design elements, the mix of townhouses in this community are as beautiful as they are unique. But homes like these aren't the only buildings sharing the block. Instead, most Westchester Village apartments for rent will be found in either the small, low-rise structures around town, or in the much larger, 5-story tenement buildings in the very northern and southeastern corners. Although not the closest neighborhood to Manhattan, it is fairly well-served by public transit and offers quite affordable NY apartments. While many blocks follow the typical, detached brick rowhouse pattern, others are dotted with age-old Victorian townhouses. It's these wonderful and unique townhouses that contribute to Westchester Village's mix of styles. Red cornices and stonework facades transform these rather plain homes into distinguished neighborhood monuments. But when it comes to finding a smaller, low-rent apartment, the most affordable options point to the quarter-block apartment houses that are commonplace in much of the Bronx. The heart of the community is Westchester Square, without a doubt, located in the northeastern part of the neighborhood. This intersection is recognizable by its central triangle of parkland, shaped by the intersection of Williamsbridge Road, E Tremont Avenue, and Westchester Avenue. Most local businesses are centered around here, providing residents with a quick and convenient shopping area. The Square is also where you'll find the number 6 train, which serves Westchester Village apartments with two other stations. Although this term of the subway only makes for a 45 minute commute to Midtown East, there is a more comfortable option available. Running just a few blocks north in Morris Park is the BxM10 express bus, which provides a cushiony (albeit more expensive) 50 minute ride to the city. Although Westchester Village might lack the greenspace and hills of many other Bronx communities, its bold townhouses displays the neighborhood's interesting character. And for being in the East Bronx, this corner of town has surprisingly good accessibility, along with affordable rents.

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  • Local 1199 School For Social C
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