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Both Tremont and the East Tremont sections of the Bronx are located in the central, and western part of the borough. Housing in this area consists mostly of low- to mid-rise apartment buildings. Residents of Tremont apartments have a few options when it comes to commuting into Manhattan. One option lies at the Tremont Station stop for the Metro-North Railroad. From here, the trip to Midtown's Grand Central Terminal is just over 20 minutes. Another option is taking the B & D trains downtown via the Tremont Ave station. Residents of the NY apartments in East Tremont, might have closer access to the West Farms Square-East Tremont Avenue station, which carries the numbers 2 & 5 trains. Several buses service the area, including the BxM4 express bus which takes passengers to Midtown Manhattan in about 30 minutes. Tremont's main commercial strip is the neighborhood's main thoroughfare, East Tremont Avenue. Here, the array of shops, goods, and services is sure to meet the needs of just about every resident.

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  • Is 193
  • Ms 118 W. W. Niles Ms
  • Ps 129 Twins Parks Us
  • Ps 134 George F. Bristow Schoo
  • Ps 159
  • Ps 163 Arthur Alonso Schomberg
  • Ps 211
  • Ps 234 Twin Parks Ls
  • Ps 236 Langston Hughes
  • Ps 257
  • Ps 42 Claremont School
  • Ps 44 David G. Farragut Schoo
  • Ps 58
  • Ps 92
  • Ps / Ms 3


  • Admiral Farragut Playground
  • El Batey De Doa Provi Garden
  • Fairmount Playground
  • Mapes Pool
  • Miracle Garden
  • Prospect Playground
  • Stop & Go Playground
  • Tremont Park

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