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Although technically two neighborhoods, Travis / Chelsea is commonly referred to as one area. On top of that, there is disagreement over whether it is considered Mid Island, or part of the West Shore of Staten Island. That's a bit of an identity crisis right there. Fortunately the community (communities?) is one of the most sparsely populated on Staten Island, so not many people are affected by this bit of "uncertainty." The people there just seem to take it in stride. If Little League means anything (and in this country, sports matter), the local team competes in (and is the home of) the Mid Island League. For you trivia lovers, the area was the site of the first linoleum factory in the US, in the 1860's, leading to the name Linoleumville. In 1930 residents chose to rename the community Travis, after Colonel Jacob Travis and the Travis family, who had been residents of the area prior to when linoleum-madness took over in the US. Commercial development picked up in the 1980's, although some of businesses have since shut down, or replaced. A large industrial park was also added, which hosts primarily companies in the internet and telecommunications fields. Victory Boulevard, a major road on Staten Island, ends in Travis / Chelsea. 4 regular buses, and about 6 express buses run through different points in the community. Freight railways between Staten Island and the Container Terminal run through the area.

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  • Schmul Park
  • Sylvan Grove Cemetery

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