Image from Tompkinsville
Image courtesy of Jim Henderson. Used by permission under Public Domain. License Info Photo has been cropped.
Image from Tompkinsville
Image courtesy of Jim Henderson. Used by permission under Public Domain. License Info Photo has been cropped.

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Tompkinsville is a small neighborhood in Staten Island located along the island's eastern shore, along the waterfront facing the Upper New York Bay. It is bordered by Stapleton to its south and St. George to the north. Although it is technically located on Staten Island's eastern shore, it is considered to be part of the North Shore by Staten Island locals. Tompkinsville was first founded by former Vice President, Daniel Tompkins in 1815, back when he was the governor of New York State. As governor of the state of New York, Tompkins established a ferry service to Manhattan and founded the Richmond Turnpike Company as an easier route for wagons travelling to Philadelphia and other major cities along the east coast. The turnpike was originally called Arietta Street in Tompkinsville and then later renamed to Victory Boulevard after World War 1. Daniel Tompkins was elected Vice President when James Monroe was the presidency in 1816. He served for two terms and died just three months after he left office. The street layout of Tompkinsville, and other parts of greater New York City, still serves as a standing tribute to its founding father. Original streets in Tompkinsville bore the names of Tompkins' children: Hannah, Sarah Ann, Griffin and Minthorne. Today, Van Duzer Street has replaced Sarah Ann Street and Bay Street has replaced Griffin Street, but Hannah and Minthorne Streets are still in place. Likewise, Hyatt Street is likely named for Tompkins' mother, Sarah Ann Hyatt Tompkins. Tompkins Square Park in Staten Island also bears his name, along with Tompkins Avenues in Staten Island and Bedford-Stuyvesant Brooklyn. Tompkinsville is home to one of the largest Sri Lankan communities in the country. Like in any Sri Lankan community, good restaurants come standard. In Tompkinsville, the most popular is New Asha, famous for its blistered rotis, the Sri Lankan flatbread comparable to Indian naan. Along with a large Sri Lankan population, the neighborhood also has a growing Hispanic and Mexican community. Tompkinsville is ideally situated for an easy commute in Manhattan, particularly the downtown Wall Street area. The Staten Island Ferry as St. George Station offers direct access to Manhattan. The ferry is just one stop away from the Tompkinsville Station via the Staten Island Railroad. Like many other neighborhoods in the northeastern section of Staten Island, Tompkinsville's economy suffered a decline upon the completion of the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, which shifted the economic activity to the center of the island. Recent plans by Staten Island and the greater city of New York City will hopefully improve the area and other neighborhoods along Staten Island's North Shore.

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