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Living in Todt Hill, NY offers a different living experience most New Yorkers can truly have. Todt Hill, pronounced Tote, has the highest natural point in the five boroughs and the highest elevation on the entire eastern seaboard from Florida to Cape Cod. Todt Hill is found on the North Shore of the Island. Todt Hill is part of the Dongon Hills neighborhood in Staten Island. Early 20th century brought Ernest Flagg to design many of the houses found in Todt Hill. A major portion of Todt Hill is now part of the Staten Island Greenbelt. The Staten Island Greenbelt contains connected trails and covers 2,800 acres. Wetlands and kettle ponds fill low-lying areas while its forested hills run along the length of Staten Island’s middle. There are no sidewalks in Todt Hill, allowing exclusivity for this suburb and it’s inhabitants. The residents boast about their sweeping properties full of tree and life. It offers their residents a different New York, the kind where they forget that Manhattan is just a quick ferry trip away. This town offers amazing views of the Verrazano bridge from your background. There is a private academy in Todt Hill, Staten Island Academy, and public schools like, Michael J. Petrides. There are 11,000 inhabitants in Todt Hill, with 3,552 people per mile. There is an endless amount of outdoor activities to do in Todt Hill. There is Reeds Basket Willow Swamp Park, New York government declared this land as a wetland, and has been protecting it since. Forest covers nearly half the area of this property. There is Richmond County Country Club which boasts a championship golf course, amazing amenities, a state of the art fitness center and aquatic center, 8 tennis courts, and picturesque views of the surrounding harbour. Living in Todt Hill allows a beautiful escape from the city, and yet allows the residents to escape to the concrete jungle from the green jungle they live in.

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  • Ps 48 William G. Wilcox Schoo
  • Ps 80 Petrides School


  • Deere Park
  • Naples Playground
  • Reed's Basket Willow Swamp Park
  • South Clove Road Cemetery

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