Image from Throgs Neck
Image courtesy of Metropolitan Transportation Authority. Used by permission under CC BY 2.0. License Info Photo has been cropped.
Image from Throgs Neck
Image courtesy of Metropolitan Transportation Authority. Used by permission under CC BY 2.0. License Info Photo has been cropped.

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It might seem cliche to use the phrase "one of a kind"--but that description is no stretch for Throgs Neck. This neighborhood has several different characters, and some of the longest waterfront of any other place in the Bronx. The northern section of town has that semi-suburban, outer-borough atmosphere, which is where you'll find most Throgs Neck apartments and other rentals. While the housing stock changes from block to block, it is common to see rowhouses and other low-rise, multifamily buildings to the north of the Cross Bronx Expressway. While most traditional NY apartments are in the usual brick-box buildings near the northern end of town, the southern section, in contrast, features a much more quaint and suburban feel. Blocks of townhouses mix with bungalow homes in this leafy part of Throgs Neck. The Throgs Neck Bridge travels south, beyond the peninsula, connecting with Queens. While the Bridge provides a spectacular view to its travelers, much of the Throgs Neck shoreline displays breathtaking views of its own. In fact, this neighborhood has many attributes that aren't always apparent. Besides the seaside lifestyle, the community has it's own set of fine restaurants down on East Tremont Avenue. Let's put it this way--you'll find everything you need on this strip of road, which makes running errands quick and convenient. It should be no surprise that Throgs Neck's secluded location makes it unattractive to the City's straphangers. This neighborhood failed to obtain a planned subway extension, leaving it a few miles from the nearest station. However, this section of town is not unique to this situation, as a car-centric lifestyle permeates throughout much of the outer-boroughs. This isn't to say public transit is completely absent! Although no trains nearby, the BxM9 express bus service weaves through Throgs Neck, providing access to almost every nook and cranny of the neighborhood. From the furthest stop in Throgs Neck, the comfortable express trip is only about an hour trip into Midtown Manhattan. Fort Schuyler once stood at the southernmost tip of the peninsula, a military base which eventually closed in 1932. The skinny spit of land now serves as the campus of the SUNY Maritime College. Even if you're not into the whole seaside lifestyle, one summertime visit to the southern part of the neighborhood is a pleasant journey worth the trip. With multiple atmospheres, it's hard to describe this part of the Bronx in one piece. But take a gander at Throgs Neck apartments, and get a feel for one of the Bronx's most charming places to live.

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  • Is 192 Piagentini Jones School
  • N Y St Merchant Marine Academy
  • Ps 10
  • Ps 401 Hospital School
  • Ps 72


  • Bicentennial Veterans Memorial Park
  • Bruckner Playground
  • Derosa O'boyle Triangle
  • Ferry Point Park

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