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The majority of Silver Lake, a small neighborhood in Staten Island, NY, is actually made up of the Silver Lake Park, and the reservoir of the same name. The original name was Fresh Pond, which was in use up until around 1860. It was named for the natural spring and lake that already existed on the site, and which served as the basin when the larger reservoir as constructed. Aside from Victory Boulevard, which bisects the area and could be considered it's main street, most of the residential streets are short, and frequently dead-end. Apartment buildings line Victory Boulevard (along with some cemeteries), while approximately 90 single family homes can be found on the side streets, all members of the Silver Lake Park Association. The park itself is roughly half taken up by the Silver Lake Golf Course, a public 18 hole course which was completed in 1929. Part of the golf course had been used as a burial site for a nearby quarantine hospital. In 1994 researchers discovered documents linking that land to burial grounds. It is now thought that the 18th fairway may be the final resting place of thousands of immigrants, many of whom died from contagious diseases after escaping the Irish Potato famine. In addition to the golf course, there are tennis courts, a dog run, play area, handball courts and a baseball field. In the late 1980's and again in the 1990's, the park received updates to freshen it up, with new walkways, benches, fences, plants, etc. Current mass transit options include about a half dozen buses, and one express bus.

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