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Located at the northern edge of the Throgs Neck peninsula sits Schuylerville, a largely residential neighborhood in the East Bronx. While you will never find a uniform block in this section of town, the variety of building styles and sizes are bound to fit your preference and budget. Here, you can find rentals in rowhouses, duplexes, or in the 4-story buildings that house the traditional NY apartments above local businesses. With wide streets and driveways, this neighborhood is no doubt one of the outer borough's suburb-style communities--which means owning a car is more than a little helpful for errands. Although rather distant from the city, Schuylerville apartments are good options for more space on the dime. Although this region is somewhat far from Manhattan, it is fairly accessible by public transit. Just touching the northerneastern corner of Schuylerville is the Middletown Rd Station, serviced by the number 6 train. However, this station is only accessible by foot for about half of the community. But there's more than one option for your morning commute into Manhattan, because two express buses flank each side of the neighborhood. Both the BxM8 and BxM9 buses will take passengers to Midtown in only about 45 minutes, and often arrive on a frequent basis during rush hour. In fact, Schuylerville is one of the last stops before the express sections of both express routes, making for an even more direct and comfortable trip. Schuylerville is home to Old St. Raymond's cemetery, established in 1842, which takes up about a quarter of the neighborhood's southeastern corner. But this, of course, isn't the City's largest greenspace. Rather, that particular title goes to Pelham Bay Park, which happens to begin less than a mile from Schuylerville's borders. This massive, natural park curves around inlets, rocks, and islands, forming a 2,700-acre playground. Also home to the Orchard Beach (the Bronx's only public beach), Pelham Bay Park serves as one of New York's most cherished public parks. Lucky for residents of Schuylerville apartments, just two subway stops will bring you to the bus terminal for all park-bound buses. This park makes any weekend feel like a getaway.

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  • Herbert H. Lehman Hs
  • Ps 14 Sen. John D. Calendra S


  • Bufano Park
  • Miele Park
  • Pelham Bay Little League
  • Samuel H. Young Park
  • Schneider Sampson Square
  • Throgs Neck Park

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