Image from Rego Park
Image courtesy of Fayerman on Wikipedia. Used by permission under CC BY-SA 3.0. License Info Photo has been cropped.
Image from Rego Park
Image courtesy of Fayerman on Wikipedia. Used by permission under CC BY-SA 3.0. License Info Photo has been cropped.

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The supersized REal GOod mural (see picture in slideshow) on 63rd Drive wasn’t meant as an ad for Rego Park apartments, but it might as well have been. Actually the name is derived from a 1920’s company called Real Good Construction and serves as an accurate description of this Queens neighborhood. Hard to believe, but this company actually built eight-room homes in 1926 for $8,000. Rego Park is bordered to the north by Elmhurst and Corona while Middle Village lies to the West. Forest Hills is its neighbor to the east and south. Work in Manhattan? Subway and bus transportation will bring you to midtown in 20 minutes on average--very convenient. If you are looking for convenience, comfort, and commuter friendly services, the many rental apartment buildings as well as colonial and Tudor style homes in the accessible Rego Park community is well-worth your consideration. Of particular interest is an area called the Rego Park Crescents, named for its semicircular streets that create a concentric pattern. The area is mostly filled with mock-Tudor homes, and is a great place to take a leisurely stroll. Today, residents have a virtual cornucopia of shopping choices right outside their door. From chain stores, to small mom and pop shops, there is literally something for everyone. Local merchants are encouraged to display their ethnic traditions, and as a consequence you will find a wide selection of authentic cuisine from around the world. You need not travel far to savor an Indian meal at Sajnion Queens Boulevard or lamb kebabs at Cheburechnaya, Inc. In fact, you don’t even have to know how to pronounce the name, just enjoy the experience. Rego Center is a shopping mall which features four floors of shops, from upscale to funky, and a parking garage (which has a moderate fee). Other locations in Rego Park contain a Bikram Yoga studio, and a Fruit Farm with a luscious variety of fruits and vegetables available. The Rego Park Dairy Farm, which despite its name is actually a candy store, is right on Queens Boulevard. For those interested in historic preservation, the Rego-Forest Preservation Council is dedicated to preserving the architectural and cultural heritage of Rego Park and Forest Hills. Their Flickr page has great pictures of historic sites and streetscapes in both nabes. This location seems to attract television producers looking for a homey milieu, as the current CBS sitcom “The King of Queens” is set in the neighborhood. "Dear John," an 80's sitcom, was also set in Rego Park.

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  • Jhs 157 S. A. Halsey Jhs
  • Ps 139 The Rego Park School
  • Ps 174 William Sidney Mt Schoo
  • Ps 175 Annadale Park School
  • Ps 206 Horace Harding School


  • Fleetwood Triangle
  • Horace Harding Playground
  • Lost Battalion Hall Recreation Center
  • Project Eden
  • Remsen Family Cemetery
  • Russell Sage Playground
  • The Painter's Playground

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