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When the first Europeans came over seas and landed in New Jersey, they came upon the Delaware People, recognized as the Leni-Lenape Indians. The Lenape are thought to have descended from one group of the Paleo-Indians. Their name, Leni-Lenape, has an assortment of translations which include original people, real people or common people. The early Lenape were a loose confederation of independent communities living mainly in the Delaware River Valley. North Arlington during the seventeenth and early eighteenth century was nothing more than a route Dutch travelers took to get from one place to the other. There were many Dutch settlers all across what is now New Jersey and New York. The area was first settled by the Dutch as part of New Amsterdam. After the English takeover in the early 1700's, the American Revolution took place in the latter part of that century. Italian, Polish, and Irish Immigrants were drawn to the area throughout its later history to create a strong, dynamic and ethnically diverse place to live and work. Today the populace of North Arlington is representative of nationalities and backgrounds from all over the world which makes the borough the All-American community it is today. What made North Arlington a desirable place to live was the mine fields. Many immigrants were able to find jobs quickly and provide for their families. Schuyler Cooper Mine Field, is a historic location in Bergen County which began in 1715, making it the earliest copper mine in New Jersey and one of the oldest in the United States. In 1755, it was the location of the first use of a steam engine built in the states. 1794, the first steam engine was created in America. Shortly before and after, but not during, the revolutionary war, the mine was a major copper producer. Even though nothing remains of the mining operations above ground, the downfall of the underground shafts and tunnels caused damage as recently as 1989. North Arlington, New Jersey, in Bergen county, is 4 miles East of East Orange, New Jersey and 4 miles North East of Newark, New Jersey. The town benefits from easy access to the nearby cities and towns with which it shares the Bergen Passaic metropolitan area. The North Arlington geography has a total are of 2.6 square miles. A large portion of the lands of North Arlington are swamp lands/ wet lands. Money from the United States Congress has been allocated to protect and preserve the wet lands and establish organizations to research the unique animals and their interaction with the ecosystem. Besides the amazing attractions, location and school district, many families are heading to North Arlington because of the water views of New York City and the accessibility to the Hackensack River. Additionally, the real estate property taxes are relatively reasonable compared to the rest of New Jersey.

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