Image from Newtown
Image courtesy of Doug Kerr. Used by permission under CC BY-SA 2.0. License Info Photo has been cropped.
Image from Newtown
Image courtesy of Doug Kerr. Used by permission under CC BY-SA 2.0. License Info Photo has been cropped.

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Newtown, CT is a quintessential New England town. It was founded in 1705, and incorporated in 1711. With quaint and historical buildings, many listed on the National Register of Historic Places, living in Newtown can be like taking a step back in time, if only for a moment. It has a very picturesque location, along the Housatonic River. While the town is the 5th largest in Connecticut in terms of area (at 59.1 square miles), it is not densely populated. The town is actually made up of a series of communities, such as Hawleyville, Botsford, Dodgintown, Sandy Hook, and the Newtown borough, among several others. As befitting an old town, there are a number of buildings and locations in Newtown listed on the National Register of Historic Places. These include the Caleb Baldwin Tavern, Glover House, Natan B. Lattin Farm, New York Belting and Packing Co., Nichols Satinet Mills Site, Hattertown Historic District, and the Newtown Borough Historic District (225 buildings on 100 acres), among others. Other local landmarks include the flagpole, erected in 1876, and standing in the center of Main Street; the Newtown Meeting House, with a rooster weather vane (a town symbol) that was said to be used for target practice by French soldiers during the Revolutionary War; and the Haley School, built in the 1920s and still in use today. The Edmond Town Hall was constructed in 1930. Offices for the town are located there, but the building is used for so much more. The Alexandria Room is available for weddings, parties and recitals. Several meeting rooms are also available for rent. A gymnasium is available for sporting events, as well as art and craft shows and other events. The theater has a cinema that shows popular movies after their initial run is over, and is the only $2 theater in the state. A concert series is also held in the theater. The Parks and Recreation Department runs 4 parks, as well as a marina. Amenities in the parks vary, but include picnic and grilling areas, pools, tennis courts, basketball courts, baseball/softball fields, soccer fields, playgrounds, boat launches, and walking trails. Various camps (general and specialized) for children are held throughout the year, as are sports training and participation opportunities. Classes in art, film making... even babysitting are available. Adults are not left out of the fun, as they have innumerable opportunities as well.

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  • Hed O'meadow Elementary School
  • Lands End School (Historical)
  • Newtown Middle School

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