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The small village of Munsey Park is located on the North Shore of Nassau County in Long Island, New York. While the village itself is quaint and picturesque, it is only a short 20-mile / 27-minute train ride from midtown Manhattan. Residents claim that Munsey Park captures suburban living at its finest with its easy commute to New York City, beautiful Long Island beaches, proximity to major airports, abundance of cultural exhibits, renowned shopping centers and beautiful public parks and recreation centers available for all to use. The beauty and harmony of the village is preserved in its historical roots. It was first purchased and developed in 1922 by the newspaper publisher Frank A. Munsey. In 1925 he willed it to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and thus began its artistic roots. The homes were all originally designed by architects to follow a traditional American home style. This meant the homes were all custom-built using the best materials and craftsmen available at the time. Still to this day, any new homes being built or any additions being added to existing homes must be reviewed and approved by a committee to make sure the construction matches the ambience of the community. Along with this Building Advisory Committee, the Mayor, Board of Trustees, an appointed Board of Appeals and Tree Committee, the village of Munsey Park beautifully landscaped throughout and home to many parks, pristine ponds, tree lined roads and elegant homes. The care, maintenance and upkeep of the village are at the top of the agenda for Munsey Park's published officials. (Garbage is collected from homes three times a week!) Neighbors have remarked that when snow falls overnight, all of the village's roads are plowed by the time you wake up in the morning. In recognition of their efforts, the village of Munsey Park had been named Tree City, USA by the National Arbor Day Foundation since 1983. Residents of Munsey Park are predominantly earned high-income wages, and many still make the daily commute into New York City. One thing that all of them note, however, is the strong sense of community in the village, and the genuine friendliness of the neighbors. Property turnover is very rare for two reasons one, the limited number of homes in the small village; and two, residents' desire to stay in the area. Another big draw to the area for many families is its fabulous public school system. Children attend the Munsey Park Elementary School, then graduate and move onto the Manhasset School District for secondary and high school education. The district is renowned for its academic excellence and achievements in artistic and musical endeavors.

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