Image from Levittown
Image courtesy of Sullynyflhi. Used by permission under Public Domain. License Info Photo has been cropped.
Image from Levittown
Image courtesy of Sullynyflhi. Used by permission under Public Domain. License Info Photo has been cropped.

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Many Americans have heard the term Levittown in reference to the suburbs. Dating back to post World War II, Levittown was designed by William and Alfred Levitt of Levitt & Sons Inc. as one of the first and largest mass-produced suburbs. In the high demand for family housing after the war, William Levitt used him knowledge of mass production from the war to build a community of simple, albeit similar, houses that were affordable and efficient. Although the town saw major success and the Levitt brothers were deemed successful in their endeavor, Levittown was criticized by many to be a bland and racially exclusive community. Today, the term Levittown is used to describe any suburb that is overly sanitized and consists of large identical housing units. Despite Levittown being known for its homogeneity, the majority of the homes in the present-day town have been so thoroughly modified and renovated that the original architecture that all of the original homes were modeled after is difficult to identify. Levittown's reputation as America's first suburb is exemplified by its close and easy commute into New York City. Ironically, there is no explicit passenger rail service running through Levittown, however, the Long Island Rail Road provides service via nearby stops that provide service directly into Manhattan at Penn Station in midtown. The town is also an easy distance to all major New York City airports, including LaGuardia Airport, John F. Kennedy International Airport, and the Long Island MacArthur Airport in Ronkonkoma. The town has a much larger population than many other areas of Long Island and therefore naturally has many amenities that larger towns offer; including a downtown shopping area with retail shops, restaurants and entertainment venues. Due to the large number of residents that work in New York City, the income for most families residing in Levittown is well above average and in line with much of Long Island and Nassau County in particular. The town of Levittown is served by two public school districts that children attend primary and secondary education. Like most of Long Island, the school districts, the Island Trees Union Free School District and the Levittown Union Free School District, on average perform very well nationally on standardized tests. Based on where the students live in Levittown they attend the schools assigned to that area and do not switch districts between primary and secondary years. There are also several private schools and vocational schools, including education in beauty, business and chiropractic practice, in the town that parents may opt to send their children too.

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  • Abbey Lane School
  • Div Ave Shs
  • East Broadway School
  • Gardiners Ave School
  • Gen. Douglas Macarthur Shs
  • Island Trees Hs
  • Island Trees Ms
  • J. Fred Sparke School
  • Jonas E. Salk Ms
  • Levittown Memorial Spec Educ C
  • Michael F. Stokes School
  • Northside School
  • Summit Lane School
  • Wisdom Lane Ms

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