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Situated in the southeast corner of Queens is the residential neighborhood of Laurelton. Here, there is no single segment of living arrangements--rather, this neighborhood has quite a variety of housing styles. Most blocks are lined with single-family homes, many of which are identical right down to the lawn and driveway. Other sections around town offer variations of the same design, while still others are random. Most available Laurelton apartments are bound to be offered in one of the pockets of attached, Tudor-style rowhouses and duplexes. This community encompasses everything east of Springfield Blvd and south of the Montefiore Cemetery. Most homes here sport driveways, which looks to the suburban auto lifestyle. Luckily, there's an option for those who'd rather take public transit to work. Residents are always only a short walk, drive, or bus ride to the Long Island Rail Road, which serves the neighborhood with--what else--Laurelton Station. A trip from here to Manhattan's Penn Station will only take about 35 minutes, with no train transfers. Although it's no downtown section, Merrick Blvd has most of Laurelton's shopping and supermarkets. The local retail storefronts will serve just about everything a resident of NY apartments could need. Although this community doesn't have a public park of its own, Queens' array of greenspaces are only a bus ride away. Brookville Park, in neighboring Brookville and Rosedale, offers amenities such as bocce ball courts, bicycle greenways, and BBQ areas. Although Laurelton apartments are likely to exist in the rowhouse sections, most rentals in this neighborhood are single-family home rentals. If you want an affordable rent and can compromise on the commute, this is a quiet, suburban neighborhood with a quaint, Tudor style.

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  • Is 231 Tri-Community School
  • Is 59 Springfield Gardens Sch
  • Ps 132 Ralph Bunche School
  • Ps 156 The Laurelton School
  • Ps 15 Jackie Robinson School
  • Ps 181 Brookfield School
  • Ps 251
  • Ps 37 Springfield School
  • Springfield Gardens Hs


  • 225 Street Malls
  • Laurelton Parkway
  • Mentone Playground
  • Montbellier Park
  • South Gate Mall

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