Image from Hunts Point & Longwood
Image courtesy of Jim Henderson. Used by permission under Public Domain. License Info Photo has been cropped.
Image from Hunts Point & Longwood
Image courtesy of Jim Henderson. Used by permission under Public Domain. License Info Photo has been cropped.

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Hunts Point is a Bronx neighborhood located at the southeastern corner of the borough. This peninsula is created by the Long Island Sound lying at the neighborhood's southern coast, and the Bronx River mouth at the east and north. Hunts Point is an intensely industrial/commercial area, with several auto-shop garages. The northern end of the community is where most of the residential structures exist, mainly consisting of low-rise apartment buildings. A few blocks near the northern end of town has rows of townhouses and roundstones. Hunts Point is very inaccessible to public transportation, with only two subway stations to choose from, both located west of the Bruckner Expressway (the neighborhood's north- and western boundary). Residents of Hunts Point apartments have access (although not easy access) to Barretto Point Park, located at the southern coast of the community. This well-coveted neighborhood park has plenty of recreational facilities, including a summertime, floating outdoor pool located on a barge. This Bronx neighborhood is home to one of the world's largest food distribution centers, which includes the New York City Terminal Market, the Hunts Point Cooperative Market, and the New Fulton Fish Market. These facilities are accessible via the Bx6 local bus, which makes the loop around the food centers, then exists the neighborhood along the eastern side, and through Hunts Point Avenue.


Longwood refers to the residential neighborhood just north of Hunts Point. Although this community has had a rough history, it is among the most affordable locations to rent in the City. In the past decade, the South Bronx began to see some turnaround, with plenty of new construction sharing blocks with the older, more elegant buildings. Nonetheless, with its abundance of 5- and 6-story pre-wars, you're bound to find some NY apartments that fit the wallet. And with the selection of Longwood apartments available in new buildings, there's often an option for an affordable rental without all the leaks and creaks. If some blocks seem bleak and identical, then the Longwood Historic District might spruce up your apartment search. Within only a few short blocks, you can find some of the borough's most beautiful rowhouses. These wonderful Romanesque and Renaissance Revival townhouses throw a splash of color at the South Bronx. Located near Beck Street and Longwood Avenue, this pocket of town is an interesting see. Snagged an apartment near the historic district? Then you're close to Rainey Park, with almost eight acres of open fields. This park was created as an effort to revive the neighborhood almost thirty years ago, by landscaping over what had become vacant lots. Longwood's northeastern corner has one of the busiest intersections for pedestrians and vehicles in the area. When Westchester Avenue meets Southern Boulevard the elevated subway shifts directions, and a crossroads is born. Here, there are several local shops, markets, discount stores, pharmacies, and eateries, making it similar to an outdoor mall. Prefer to take the subway? You're in luck--Longwood is home to six separate subway stations, running the numbers 2, 4, and 5 trains. And the neighborhood's narrow shape makes for a quick walk to the subway in those early mornings. As much of the new architecture seems to show, this part of the Bronx is surely seeing an upswing. And if you're in the market for a subway-accessible, low-rent apartment, you might find it helpful to check out any available Longwood apartments.

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  • Is 74 Peninsula School
  • Ps 48 Joseph R. Drake School


  • Barretto Park
  • Barretto Point Park
  • Bryant Hill Garden
  • Garrison Park
  • Hunts Point Playground
  • Hunts Point Riverside Park
  • Joseph Rodman Drake Park
  • Julio Carballo Fields

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