Image from Highbridge
Image courtesy of Jim Henderson. Used by permission under Public Domain. License Info Photo has been cropped.
Image from Highbridge
Image courtesy of Jim Henderson. Used by permission under Public Domain. License Info Photo has been cropped.

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Highbridge is a neighborhood in the southwest section of the Bronx. Bordered to the east by Jerome Avenue, this community runs along the Harlem River from the Cross-Bronx Expressway at the north to East 161st Street at the south. Yankee Stadium is one of Highbridge's close neighbors, sharing the Jerome Avenue border at the southeastern end of town. There are several NY apartments available in Highbridge, whose housing stock consists of five and six story tenements, along with several apartment buildings and attached townhouses. This section of the Bronx is currently a focus for urban renewal after New York's 1970s wave of high crime and arson ravaged the city. The topography of Highbridge is very hilly, and with these types of communities usually comes stair streets. Stair streets are relatively steep (and, sometimes, very long) staircases that adjoin streets of varying elevations. Although the Highbridge name can be placed on several features near the community, it is most connected to the High Bridge, originally constructed in 1848. The bridge began as an integral part of New York City's water system, carrying water from the Croton Aqueduct across the Harlem River and into Manhattan. Concerns over the development led to a decision to build a high bridge, which was more expensive than a low bridge, in order to allow ships to pass between the Hudson and East Rivers. What was originally multi-spanned and stone, this bridge was redeveloped in the 1920s to better accomodate Harlem River sea traffic. The "new" bridge, therefore, was consolidated to a single steel arch, and remains closed to foot and vehicular traffic. Today, the bridge is a constant subject of debate, where organizations continue to push for the revival of pedestrian and bicycle traffic. A recent proposal for a $20 million renovation project will strengthen the arch, restore the staircases, and install cameras in hope to, once again, reopen the High Bridge to pedestrians. Residents of High Bridge apartments have fair accessibility to the NYC subway system. At the southern end, commuters enjoy access to the B, D, and 4 trains via the 161st Street-Yankee Stadium Station. For those living in the central and northern portion of Highbridge can catch the number 4 train from the 167th Street, 170th Street, and Mt. Eden Ave Stations, all located along Jerome Avenue.

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  • Ps 11 Highbridge School
  • Ps 126 Johanna M. Lindlof
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  • Bridge Playground
  • Cpl Fischer Park
  • Harlem River Park
  • Highbridge Park
  • Jerome Slope
  • La Isla Garden
  • Las Casitas Community Garden
  • Martin Luther King Triangle
  • Merriam Playground
  • Mosaic Success Garden
  • Nelson Playground
  • Ogden Plimpton Playground
  • Taqwa Community Farm
  • Woodycrest Community Garden

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