Image from Glen Cove
Image courtesy of Doug Kerr. Used by permission under CC BY-SA 2.0. License Info Photo has been cropped.
Image from Glen Cove
Image courtesy of Doug Kerr. Used by permission under CC BY-SA 2.0. License Info Photo has been cropped.

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Glen Cove is a city in Long Island. It is a part of Nassau County and is located on the North Shore. Glen Cove’s surrounding towns include Old Brookville, Locust Valley, and Glen Head. Glen Cove’s demographic is more family based, with numerous schools in the city. One of their school’s, Finley Middle School, was on of the ten NASSP Breakthrough Schools. There are several private schools in the area as well, such as Friends Academy. Living in Glen Cove is not only just about the great real estate. In 2007 the town had 2,969 firms. Glen Cove has multiple thriving strip malls and retail clusters, and a movie theater right in the city. Additionally if you commute to New York City there are three LIRR train stations: Sea Cliff, Glen Street, and Glen Cove. NICE buses also stop in Glen Cove, route N21 takes you to Flushing, Queens, and NYC. Route N27 takes you to Hempstead. During the weekdays there is an Express Bus for commuters between Glen Cove and Manhatta, it stops in Midtown and Wall Street Area. Glen Cove has a rich history. In the 19th century multiple wealthy industrial barons lived there such as J.P. Morgan and Charles Pratt. Glen Cove was part of what people in the 1920’s called The Gold Coast. These large estates are now integral parts of the city. Part of Morgan’s estate was donated to the park and is now the Morgan Park and Beach. The Morgan Park Festival has free concerts on Sunday evenings during July and August at the gazebo. Harold Pratt’s former estate is now the Welwyn, a 204 acre wooded preserve that is open to the public. It includes nature trails, wooded stream valley, fresh water ponds and swamps, coastal salt marsh, and stretch of LI Sound shoreline. Glen Cove has extensive waterfront, it’s right on the Hempstead Harbor and extends in the Long Island Sound. This city is very water centric with three public beaches, Crescent Beach, Morgan Beach, and Prybil beach. Since there is so much water there is a boating enthusiasm within the city, there are a plethora of major sailing clubs including, Hempstead Harbour Yacht Club, Glen Cove City Yacht Club, and the Garvies Point Boating Association. There are numerous country clubs in the city and surrounding area as well.

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