Image from Garment District
Image courtesy of Allie Caulfield. Used by permission under CC BY 2.0. License Info Photo has been cropped.
Image from Garment District
Image courtesy of Allie Caulfield. Used by permission under CC BY 2.0. License Info Photo has been cropped.

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When location matters, some of the most convenient NYC apartments can be found in both Herald Square and the Garment District neighborhoods. This area that's usually considered to include everything from 32nd Street to 42nd Street, and is bordered by Fifth Avenue and the Hudson River. Several Garment District apartments are within a historically fascinating area. Between the mid-1800s and the early 1900s, New York City emerged as the country's premier garment producer—in 1910, 70% of the nation's woman's clothing, and 40% of its men's garments, were produced here--with the factories and corporate offices of the Garment District as its hub. Herald Square (named after the now-defunct but still-admired newspaper the New York Herald) and the adjoining Greeley Square (named after Horace, that paper's long-time publisher), is a retail mecca, centered on Macy's department store, the largest in the world. Much of New York City's Garment District and Herald Square remain light-industrial and commercial in character, but more and more residential real estate developers are discovering these overlapping communities, and are putting up high rises with luxury rental apartments. However, there are also somewhat affordable Herald Square apartments available in the area. Other developers are converting properties into condos (The Glass Farm House, for example,. which used to a school, on 37th Street, and the Kheel Tower, across from the street from the Fashion Institute of Technology). In recent years, families and young professionals have been turning this neighborhood into a vital, 21st-century residential neighborhood. The food scene has been expanding beyond the expected Irish pubs and pizza joints. More places such as the carnivore's-paradise, Keens Steakhouse, are jumping into the neighborhood. In addition to the Fashion Institute of Technology (or FIT), one of the country's premier design schools, other world-recognized landmarks in the area would include Madison Square Garden, the Javits Convention Center, Penn Station, the massive (but extraordinarily friendly) James Farley General Post Office and the Empire State Building.

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