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East Newark is both a borough of Hudson County, New Jersey and a suburb of the city of Newark. It was established over 100 years ago by a group of dissatisfied citizens of Kearney to establish a new and separate borough. So they took land originally belonging to Kearney (the town now located to the north), and set up a new government. Though East Newark is a very small town (measuring less than a quarter square mile) it is governed by a Mayor and a Borough Council, giving them sufficient independence from the city of Newark. Because of its diminutive size, living in East Newark means living in apartments or townhouses. There are a fair number of rentals available inside and around the perimeter of East Newark. Though there are some goods and services available in the immediate area, you did need to travel outside the borough for shopping, retail and entertainment in the border towns Harrison or Kearney. The town has a volunteer fire department consisting of approximately 35 firefighters. There is only one school, East Newark Public School, which serves children from Kindergarten through 8th grade. Until recently, most students attended grades 9-12 at Harrison High School in nearby Harrison township. However, in 2013 East Newark petitioned to sever its ties of sender/receivership with Harrison in order to send their students to Kearney High School citing lower tuition costs as their primary reason. As far as commuting needs to Manhattan, East Newark is well equipped to meet those needs. New Jersey Transit has buses which will take you to the Newark Broad Street station where you can find the Newark Light Rail. Alternatively, you can go a few blocks south of East Newark to the Harrison PATH station to catch rapid transit.

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